Happy Bambino is a Resource Center & Boutique for Bellies, Babies & Breastfeeding.  Our first store is located in the Willy/Atwood neighborhood of Madison, Wisconsin.  Our mission is to provide community-building opportunities, beneficial products, and access to resources for pregnancy, birth and parenting.

Happy Bambino was founded by Alison Dodge and Lea Wolf, two mamas from the neighborhood, and Carolynn joined the team in 2009.

Happy Bambino is proud to offer:

1. Educational classes, parent-child activities, and access to resources such as lactation support services and parent groups.  To view our class schedule: www.happybambino.com/classes.asp

the classroom


2. Products that can contribute to the health and happiness of the family, such as breastfeeding support products and infant carriers.

3. Opportunities to build community so that parents and children can connect, learn from each other, and provide the support that comes from personal relationships.

4. A fun and welcoming environment that reflects the joys of parenthood and the enchantment of childhood.

in the store (earth day event 2008)



  1. I just read this article in the Atlantic… quite thought-provoking, although I’m still happy (yet sometimes tired) to breastfeed my 7 month-old baby!
    I thought I would share it with you, and also other breastfeeding moms:


    Any counter-study to reassure those of us who struggle to combine motherhood and “career”?

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