Posted by: hbofficechick | March 18, 2012

Women’s History and raising boys

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  1. As a mother to two boys, I have consciously tried to raise them to treat either gender with respect and dignity, and not limit things to “girl things” and “boy things” or that one is any better than the other. Pink is not limited to girls, and neither is long hair or dresses. Blue is not limited to boys, and neither are trucks or dirt. Everyone is equal, no matter what’s in your diapers/pants.

    With all the crazy back-to-Victorian-ages legislation happening around our country (and specifically in our own state), and having just given birth to my first daughter, my mind is reeling to all the things I’m going to have to teach her about and all the things I’m going to have to explain: why are people making laws like this? Why is it that men don’t have to do any of this? Why does her (and my own) health care threaten the status quo? Why are we being treated DIFFERENTLY than other humans?

    I still feel, and will continue to loudly proclaim, IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT’S IN YOUR PANTS. Go out there and fight for what’s right and fair, no matter what.

  2. Thank you for being outspoken about your life. So often legislative discussion of abortion and contraception are so abstract it really helps to hear real women talk about their real lives and real consequences.

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