Posted by: happybambino | April 28, 2011

This just in…Amber Teething Necklaces

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  1. I put one on my baby at four months, and I was amazed at how effective it was at reducing the symptoms of her eczema and GI discomfort due to food allergies. Later, when she started teething, she would soak through three or four bibs a day without it on, and barely drool at all if she was wearing the necklace. I was a big skeptic, but after seeing the results with my bambino, I bought one for myself and have seen my TMJ symptoms greatly reduced and have gone from multiple migraines a month to NONE since I started wearing it. I have only had a few minor headaches since then, and only on days I forgot to put on my necklace. Within an hour or two of putting it on, my headaches have all disappeared. I even wore one around my wrist for a month or so after I got carpel tunnel syndrome, and it significantly reduced that pain, too! I can’t say enough about how much amber has helped my family!

  2. They really do work! I recomend the ones from They look gorgeous!

  3. […] = ''; } Can Amber Teething Necklaces Help Ease Teething Ache?This just in…Amber Teething Necklaces #header { background: […]

  4. They do work- I liked this amber baby teething necklace best- it worked like a charm on my little one=)

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