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Art of Safe Babywearing

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  1. I just got a moby wrap for my 9 month old (after having a bag sling by Boppy and a baby bjorn). It’s much better then both. More seccure, more options, and it’s fun to watch the people stare at me as I do fabric oragami to strap my boy to my body.

    We took it on a trip to D.C. this last month, and it was a life saver! While we waited in train stations, rushed from one platform to another, or my baby just tired to sleep in the very strange surroundings, I knew exactly where he was, and he knew he was safe and seccure.

  2. I wore both my kids all of the time! we all benefited from it and I would of benefited more if I had instruction and reassurance in the beginning.

  3. We love our Moby and our Ergo! It made our vacation much easier this summer – more compact and versatile than a stroller! Crowded streets in Provincetown and hiking trails were no big deal. Liam loves riding up high where can see the action!

  4. I’ve worn my baby boy (he is almost 10 months old now) from the time he came home from the hospital. I own and use two moby wraps, a kangaroo corner pouch and an ergo. He loves to be held and it works well – I have a 6 year old daughter so my hands can be free for her. I too would have probably lost my mind entirely had it not been for baby wearing.

  5. My third daughter absolutely HATED being stuck in ANYTHING. Our Moby wrap saved us b/c her arms and hands were free, from the time she was little…. And so were mine 🙂 She’s now 16 months, and I am babysitting a 7 month old. I walk my older kids to and from school every day and use the moby for one of the 2 little ones while the other one rides in the stroller.

    Having a Moby helped me in so many ways…. From being able to go on hikes, to going to amusement parks, to just being able to wash the dishes. And even traveling is so much easier. I flew to see family by myself with the three kids, and was able to have both hands free for diaper bag, carry-ons, etc. And didn’t have to worry about my 1 year-old running off across the airport. I could really sit here and go on and on.

  6. We love our carriers! Mine is a maya, and my husband goes back and forth between the ergo and the kangaroo korner pouch.

    It’s such a fantastic way to carve out a space for parent and baby – when she feels like interacting with the world, she faces out; when everything’s just a little too stimulating and she needs the world to bugger off, she faces in – all while being close to mom or dad.

    It really bums me out that carriers have gotten such bad press because of a few greedy-ass corporations. I don’t know what I would do without mine.

  7. I would have totally lost it by now if it weren’t for babywearing. Take today for example. My 18 month old has just worked out how to drag a stool across the kitchen, climb up, and turn on the water. He will not be distracted from this fun game. I still have stuff to do in the kitchen. Solution? Back wrap him so he can see what’s going on but my water bill might get a break.
    I blogged about this recently, so I’ll skip most of my other examples. There are pictures of us doing all kinds of fun stuff that we could only do thanks to babywearing.
    I love the idea of your class. As the new leader of Madison Babywearers I wonder if I ought to sign up even though I’m an experienced babywearer! The class is on the same morning (but a little later) as our first Saturday meeting. We’ll be at Sequoya library (9:30 am) for anyone who can’t get into the Happy Bambino class. I’m sure the HB class will have much more information than we will.

  8. Love love love our Ergo! We’ve gone on 3 plane trips with our 5 month old and travel is soooo easy with the carrier! He just looks around and takes a nap. Even on the subway!

  9. Thank goodness for the Moby and Ergo. I would’ve never been able to do anything without these. My 2yr old still loves to ride on my back in the Ergo and it’s still working well. Invest in the quality carries and that $ will come back to you many times over.

  10. The Maya wrap saved my life. I recently got the Ergo and wish I’d have gotten that one sooner.

  11. I learned how to use a ring sling when my first child was 8 months old and we never looked back. I wore out a ring sling with each baby. I could not have survived without babycarriers – I could clean, shop, walk, chase toddlers at the park, all with my baby close. My youngest can still remember snuggling in the last sling we used.

  12. I use my Babyhawk (mei tai) and Ergo all the time. Baby Q loves to be in the carrier because it means she can be close to her mama. I keep at least one of them in the car at all times. I had a sling I wore with her as a newborn that was great. I have a fleece sling to use this winter but I need more practice with it.
    Just yesterday we went to the post office and I ended up dropping my wallet on the floor with all of its contents spewing out. I had Q in the mei tai and was able to get on my hands and knees to pick everything up. She thought it was the best thing in the world because she got to tilt her head back and hang upside down for a moment or two.

  13. My moby wrap was a gift I received a couple of weeks after my daughter was born. It was my husband who first figured out how to wear it! The learning curve took me a little while but it was so worth it. It is a complete lifesaver and her favorite place to nap. I love it – don’t know what I would do without it!

  14. […] Happy Bambino is also offering a FREE workshop this Saturday on The Art of Safe Babywearing from 11 – 12:30. Please call the store to register 608-223-6261. You can find more information about the class and safe babywearing on Happy Bambino’s blog. […]

  15. Do you recommend waiting till you actually HAVE your baby to attend this class? I plan on wearing my baby and would like to prepare, but understand if it would make more sense to wait… ?

  16. Most classes are half and half (pregnant and with babe in tow) – sometimes its easier to take in the info before; and then you’ll likely have something in hand when you have your babe. 🙂

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