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HBFP – Sophie Giraffe

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  1. We LOVE Sophie at our house. Our daughter had 3 of them when she was a baby, due to 2 disappearing. It was so worth the cost! Our son now squeals at the sight of Sophie and holds on to her for dear life!

  2. We love Sophie for so many reasons, but the most recently discovered reason is that she has excellent endurance when placed inside the Fisher Price Lil’ Zoomers Spinnin’ Sounds Speedway. She spins forever and ever without flying out! Way to go, Sophs!

  3. My son LOVES Sophie. It’s his favorite toy and we take it everywhere we go. Sometimes when he’s fussy we’ll give him Sophie and he’ll calm right down. Sophie to the rescue! It’s the perfect toy/teether. Very easy for baby to grasp and gentle on the gums. It’s the perfect gift for 1st time mamas!

  4. Dear Sophie,

    You are a busy girl at our house! You entertain me before dinner time, are my traveling companion all over the Madison area, squeak with delight multiple times a day and make me smile, and soothe my teething mouth with lots of chews 🙂 Thanks, Sophie, for all your hard work and fun!


    Baby Kellen

  5. Oh my gosh, I had never even heard of Sophie before my daughter was born. And then I saw that everyone in the mom’s group I go to had one so I got one too, figuring they must be fun. I really wasn’t expecting much, but she loves her Sophie so much! I thought it would be just an OK toy and it turned out to be the bet toy ever 🙂

  6. Sophie is one of Oscar’s most darling toys. It makes both me and him smile.

    ~Oscar’s Mom

  7. My son LOVES his Sophie! We have to make sure she goes with us when we aren’t at home. He will look all around for her and has sad eyes when he doesn’t see her. As a parent, I love the fact that he can chew on is all day long and no ill side effects will come of it!

  8. I’ve always seen a Sophie and wanted one, but she’s a little out of our price range sometimes:( But our little boy is teething right now and after reading all the wonderful things about her, I think we just might have to find one for him!

  9. I honestly don’t know who loves Sophie better.. Baby Q, my husband and I or my mother’s dog (who’s sole goal when we visit is to make Sophie his and his alone). Sophie has traveled via foot, stroller, babycarrier, car and plane with us. Wherever we go Sophie goes. Baby Q thinks she’s major noms and loves to chew on her all day long. We’ve feared occasionally that a foot of Sophie’s head would be chewed off with the the vigor that Baby Q noms on Sophie, but thank goodness she still remains in tact.

  10. My daughter is also a Sophie lover! We had our first Sophie for about a month before she disappeared. I just HAD to get another one! One day our new Sophie got lost at the mall and I literally spent half an hour looking for her! Anyone who has had a Sophie can understand my initial panic a relief when we found her! Now we keep VERY close tabs on where Sophie is because we love her so much!

  11. We have yet to have Sophie in our house, but I have admired from a far for quite some time. The way everyone raves about her, I hope to have her around soon!

  12. We love our Sophie! For all those parents who have had a moment of panic when Sophie disappears: a classic nuk/paci strap will velcro perfectly around her leg, keeping her from falling out of the stroller/carseat/Ergo! Never lose her again! 🙂

  13. Oh, my! How could I forget to pick up a few Sophies?!? No one around here sells her (that I’ve found) so I guess I HAVE to come down to HB! Oh the trials of being a Northwoods, Mama! 🙂

  14. I’ll admit I was a bit disappointed when I didn’t receive a Sophie for my baby shower and of course could have purchased one on my own but just haven’t yet. Sounds like my teething baby would benefit from having her around! I think the “classic-ness” of the toy is why people love her so much too. I’ll have to pick one up!

  15. Sophie was also a favorite for teething. Now she is endlessly amusing as a squeak toy. Our little girl will put her on the ground, step on her, hear the squeak and run away over and over.

  16. Our lo is gnawing on everything that comes within her grasp.
    I was totally unsure about this line of teething toys, but after reading so many good things about them, including your write up above, we have to try them!

  17. My little one (2 1/2 months old) just recently started playing with Sophie. He loves sucking on her legs and squeezing her. I have a feeling it’s the start to a beautiful friendship!

  18. Love the giraffe! Our son needs some toys of his own. may have to consider this!

  19. Safe, adorable, and the BEST teething toy ever!!

  20. My youngest is 16 months, and we are on our 4th Sophie for her. Chewing on her face and legs has gotten us thru 9 teeth so far. 🙂

  21. My kiddo (1 yr old) just figured out that he can make sophie squeak. it’s the gift that keeps on giving! 🙂

  22. I have been thinking of getting a Sophie for my 3 month old princess! Winning one would be awesome!!

  23. My 21 month old still loves her “Sophie”. We’ve bought several for friends and loved ones.

  24. We LOVE Sophie! She’s adorable – those eyes! She’s French; ooh, la, la! She’s made of safe and renewable products by fairly paid workers. And she just begs to be chewed. I’ll admit it. I’ve even given her a gnaw or two. Somehow misplaced our first’s Sophie during the interim, so no question; had to get a new one for Bebe 2.

  25. I had never heard of Sophie for our first two kids, but we’d love to try it for our third! Thanks 🙂

  26. My favorite thing about Sophie is that very early on Irene learned to make her squeak. When she does this she smiles. If I were rich I would buy one for the car, one for the diaper bag, crib, stroller, ok you get the idea.

  27. She’s the super heroine of toy – never fear, Sophie’s here! Perfect for teething, squeaking, shaking, everything. My little guy thinks she’s the greatest!

  28. I think there is something crazy amazing about this toy. I have never seen babies love something so much???? it really is a great product!

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