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HBFP – The (local) dipes like none other! NEW

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  1. I would LOVE to try this new diaper on my daughter! I am a cloth diaper junkie and always like to try new things πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  2. our first is due in february, and i’ve been weighing the pros and cons of my friends’ cloth diaper experiences while deciding which to choose for our little one. this seems a noteworthy contender! please enter me in the drawing πŸ™‚

  3. I would love to try these diapers! I have unfortunately not been thrilled with my bumgenius 3.0’s so it would be great to see what else is out there.

  4. This diaper looks awesome! Seriously something I would love to try!! I absolutely love the idea of that pocket cover, especially since it is stay dry and you can get a lot of use out of it!!! I am excited to try thee diapers! They look awesome!!! Please enter me in your drawing! I’d love to win!!! ❀

  5. Would love to try out the new diaper! We’ve been searching for that perfect one, many tries on Etsy. Would be great to go local!

  6. I’ve been looking for new diapers to try that are truly economical for my family unlike a lot of the other diapers that we have tried, and being able to have one package equal 3 diaper changes seems really economical to me! Plus having it from a local person is even better!

  7. I’d LOVE to be a winner of a winning diapering system. I was excited to use cloth but have to admit that once I fall in love with a shell/sleeve/wrap, it leaks! It may be true that my baby has the trimmest waist and nothing’s perfect (including the diaperer πŸ˜‰ ) but I’d love to try something new.

  8. This diaper looks awesome! I would love to try more diapers out there and expose more people to all the different varieties out there. Recently moving to a new city that doesn’t readily support “local” things with as much enthusiasm as Madison, I would love to support someone who is trying to make a difference. And in turn I want to make a difference choosing her:)

  9. I’m new to cloth diapering with two in diapers! I’d love to try these, as I work on building my fluff stash.

  10. I’m impressed with her innovation. Wow. If we weren’t almost out of dipes, I might consider… πŸ™‚

  11. I’ve been really wanting to try cloth diapering not only for the environment but to save money. My husband works extremely hard so I can be a SAHM but money is still really tight so something like this would be wonderful.

  12. Love these! Thought about doing a button and elastic sizing on my home made diapers because of my skinny wasted girls. Like the pocket set up too! Great ideas!

  13. Wow! I would love to try this with our baby boy. I have trouble getting a good fit for him AND would love to support a local lady!

  14. Would love to try these because our muchkin’s cloth diapers are so thick and enormous, we nicknamed her Pebbles!

  15. What a great way to switch up the pocket diaper! Organic, local, made in the US…all things we look for in a diaper. I’m so excited to try these out on my babe!

  16. look great, after two years our cloth diapers are not really working well for our second son. we are ready to try something new and this looks like it

  17. This is pretty neat! Our day care provider gave up on the prefolds, so this would be a cool system to try with her and see if it’s easy enough that she feels comfortable with it! Thanks for the chance to win and for telling us about this new product!

  18. Make me a winner! I would love to try these out. I’m currently using the Flip diaper system and LOVE them. These look similar. I am addicted to cloth diapering and love sharing my passion with others.

  19. Wow, this does look cool! It seems like it has everything anybody would ever want in a diaper. I’d like to try it because it looks like it will last forever…and it’s got all the best elements: A stay dry “pocket” within a cover that’s reusable and elastic that’s easily replaceable…this should definitely last a long long time! Exciting!

  20. A cloth diaper that’s potty-training friendly? Yes, please!

  21. These look absolutely fantastic! I’m actually hoping to win so I can pass them on to someone else though. I am currently babysitting a 6 month old, and her mom wants to CD, but doesn’t think she has the time or energy for it. Maybe a small gift to show her how easy it can be would help move her in the right direction. πŸ™‚

  22. I’d love to get in on this chance to win, – they look wonderful, are organic, and I bet my baby would be happy with the way they feel!!

  23. I’d love to try them because I’m looking for a hybrid solution for diapering/potty training. My 3.5 year old just won’t give it up to potty train!

  24. We’d love to try these! I saw them in the store last week and they look awesome! I love the fact that they’re local and mama owned – and especially love that they’re reversible. It’s a very cute idea. πŸ™‚

  25. Always interested to try something new — have two in diapers so one-size is always a bonus!

  26. I love willow sprouts! I’ve been thinking I need to get some more hemp inserts for a while . . . perhaps I should pick up more then inserts.

  27. I love there hemp inserts! I love the ease of the pockets we currently use, but don’t like that I can only use the cover once. I’d love to try out this set up.

  28. These would be great for my little one! I love the Bum Genius and could use another diaper for the rotation.

  29. *Reversible shell (cover) – which just makes it fun.

    A FUN diaper? Enough said!

  30. Awesome idea! I’ve been curious about the cloth diaper world for a long time. I’m heading to Bambino to buy some this week!

  31. We toss cloth diapering around often and we’d love to try it out!

  32. we’re having baby #2 in February – I never managed to try one size diapers last time, but it seems like a great idea.

  33. ooh!! i love the reversible idea AND the side OR front closures. GENIUS. looks like it might fit my petite baby better than some of the other styles.

  34. I love a one sizer that doesn’t involve Velcro or extra snaps! Plus it’s made with lovely materials!

  35. I love cloth diapers! I like that these have reusable covers saving me money. Not having to run out for diapers is a blessing.

  36. Congrats to Ashley – comment #18!!


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