Posted by: happybambino | June 16, 2010

Yo Daddy-O! Father’s Day Give-Away

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  1. My special someone is just about the best husband and father that there is. He not only is an equal partner in taking care of the kids but he created and maintains a vegetable garden, cleans, cooks, and more. I think he deserves to win a father’s day giveaway because he is a #1 father and deserves as many prizes to show him that. And he’s really, really tired 😉

  2. My hubby is a hard-working, attached father who supports his family in every way. He works so that I can stay home with the kids, but he babywears, fully supports breastfeeding, cloth diapering, co-sleeps… He LOVES to cook and bake fresh bread, can everything possible, even make ice cream! We get to go salmon fishing now and then up north, and these planks would be EXCELLENT.

  3. I don’t even know where to start. I already had two kids when I met my husband. He took them on as his own, and when we are out, people can’t even tell he’s their step-father. This year we are moving to Seattle. He already left because he had to start his new job before the kids finished the school year. So he’s all alone and missed our baby’s 1st birthday, our anniversary, and will not have the kids there for Father’s Day. He deserves so much more than I could ever give him.

  4. My husband Mike is going to be celebrating his first Father’s Day! He loves to go fishing and these planks would be perfect for him. He is a very hard working man. I would love this Father’s Day to be extra special!

  5. My husband is really a fantastic partner in child-rearing. He knows when to step in (and step out sometimes), and is truly devoted to our little family. He’s also a big fan of eating and grilling, so this would be quite the gift for my constantly-noshing marathoner.

  6. It would be easier state why he would NOT love them… I mean what’s not to love with these!? They are from a local Wisconsin business that would help support local business which is SO very important! Then add in their usefulness and I just know he will LOVE them! Lastly, when you add in the Happy Bambino connection, well as I said… LOVE! 🙂

  7. My husband deserves this prize. This is his first father’s day and I want to make it extra special. He was incredibly supportive during my pregnancy and has been a super dad since she has come. Not only does he cook and clean but he also pampers me to the fullest. He loves to grill and I know that he would be ecstatic to win this prize. It would be icing on the cake to a wonderful father’s day.

  8. My poor hubby has to work on Father’s Day, which really bums him out. I’d LOVE to cheer him up with the promise of delicious grilled salmon enjoyed with family! 🙂 He is a super dad to our two girls and totally deserves it.

  9. My husband would love these grilling planks. He works very hard and likes to relax next to the grill when he has a chance.

  10. My husband is a wonderful, involved and committed dad! He is also a HUGE grill fan, and absolutely loves grilling fish. This is the PERFECT present for him!

  11. My husband Evan is a grill master, and he would LOVE these planks! He’s a wonderful, loving daddy-o, an equal player at home, a hard worker AND he does all the cloth diaper laundry!

  12. my husband is the best dad he adores his daughter ella and gives her a heap of kisses,just about eats her up.she cant even keep her eyes off her dad.

  13. We love to grill, and planked fish is delicious. My husband isn’t big on gifts, but this would be simple and perfect.

  14. We’d love to win the Father’s Day Giveaway because Daddy loves to grill for his family, and the Alaskan salmon reminds us of our honeymoon.

  15. My husband is not only a great man to me but is the best father there could be to our 1, almost 2, daughters. He does and would do anything for his family! He works so hard to provide for us that I think he deserves any prize that there is to offer! Grilling is something that he loves to do and planked fish would be such a treat for him. He is also extremely excited about our new little girl that is on the way (we are due in September) that the daddy bag would come in especially handy.

  16. My husband is such an amazing father to our little girl! There’s nothing he wouldn’t do for her and our family. He definitely deserves a prize like this to thank him for everything he does for us!

  17. My husband is SO wonderful, SO funny, SO good to me and our three little ones. He deserves a prize! Especially since my kids already leaked the gift we got him . . . . they were able to hold that one in for all of 13 minutes!! 🙂

  18. Sunday is my hubs’ first father’s day. He has been absolutely amazing in the first 8 months of figuring out how we do this parenthood thing. He is so sweet, so fun and so patient with our kiddo. He is the same with me… He deserves to have the best first father’s day and a bonus prize like this would make it all the more special! Yeah, he rocks!

  19. Every morning, my husband wakes up with our daughter to feed her and spend special one-on-one play time with her – and he gives me the gift of extra sleep! In turn, I make sure to give him plenty of time and space to cook, which he thoroughly enjoys and uses as time to recharge himself. Wild caught salmon is a favorite of his, and he’s always dreamed of using a cedar plank to grill on! He would be so excited to get these for Father’s Day. As a side note, on the ferry ride to Madeline Island (where these planks are from) is where we talked about being ready to try for our first child!

  20. A truer father time has yet to see:
    My partner loves his daughter with such pride
    That’s rooted in a heart so tenderly
    Devoted to his wife and growing child.

    My partner is a man who knows a good
    Day’s work away from home. Upon return
    To home’s refuge, where waiting are his brood
    (Dear wife, sweet child!), it’s time to take his turn

    As doting daddy, giving up his own
    Ambition for awhile to serve the girl
    He calls his angel ‘til the day is done,
    And she finds stillness: peace, as dreams unfurl.

    Perhaps one morning you will see him out
    Wading a stream to catch our dinner – lake trout.

  21. I want our daddy to win because he’s a man with both his children and his grilling at the top of his mind. He said to me the other morning, “Oh, no! Dinosaur Train and BBQ U on at the same time?! How will I choose?” I thought he was joking but he seriously wanted to watch Dinosaur Train with the kids more than his usual favorite show, BBQ U.

  22. I’m not the best griller in the world, but I do enjoy it when I have the chance. And I definitely want to eat more fish, as part of my Father’s Day resolutions to take better care of myself so I can be around for my daughter as long and actively as possible. Having something nice like this would definitely help me with that.

  23. I’m not the best griller in the world, but I do enjoy it when I have the chance. And I definitely want to eat more fish, as part of my Father’s Day resolutions to take better care of myself so I can be around for my daughter as long and actively as possible. Having something nice like this would definitely help me with that.

  24. My husband has been an amazing brand new daddy. The poor guy was finishing up his PhD when our lil’ one arrived and he still made sure to help out and be around even though he had LOTS to do to graduate. He gets up in the middle of the night to burp the baby after feedings and does diaper changes so I can get a few extra minutes of sleep!

    He also had to take care of me being sick for nine months of my pregnancy, which was not easy for him while continuing his research. I appreciate all that he does!!!

  25. My husband is working so hard to support our little family. Even after a 60+ hour week, he loves to get behind the grill and make us something special to promote family time. This time is so sacred to us, winning this prize would only make it better! And a diaper bag of HB goodies is an extra special treat for his time (and mine) with our little one!

  26. My husband is a super guy and was in complete support of me when I wanted to try a combination of EC and doing our own cloth diapers with our kids! He’s not a great cook but is a fan of the grill and would love to have these planks so his fish attempts would not fall into the fire 🙂

  27. Daddy is a wonderfully supportive, playful and loving daddy who takes care of a multitude of chores around the house after coming home from working all day. He also recently was elected to city council, so he is a busy Daddy, but he takes time for his babies every day. He loves to grill and would love to grill on cedar planks.

  28. My boys love to bond with their daddy through their shared passion of grilling and eating grilled meat. They love to watch their dad start up the charcoals, and they like to help by bringing him the plates. They all enjoy eating grilled meat together–along with vegetables on the grill–and the boys are so proud they helped. My older son, 5, wants to start learning to help me make meals in the kitchen as well!

  29. My husband is an awesome daddy and partner! He will be celebrating his first father’s day and one of his favorite ways to relax is grilling with a frosty brew in hand. 🙂 He’s a master at brats and burgers so this give-away would be the perfect thing to expand his tasty repertoire!

  30. My husband will be celebrating his 1st Father’s Day!! He is such an amazing father and husband. I love seeing him with our daughter. As for the prize, he loves salmon and would be excited to use the grill to cook it. Hope he wins!

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