Posted by: happybambino | May 15, 2010

Babies watching BABIES! Whatdya really think?

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  1. Well, it was definitely about Babies. There didn’t seem to be much deeper of a message about that. That no matter the culture or the situation, babies are babies. I was a bit disappointed that the movie portrayed the richest of the rich and the most rural of the poor. Why not a city in Africa or the midwest in America?

  2. My 16-month-old fell asleep on the way there and stayed asleep through the first part of the movie (which I think helped her make it through the rest of the movie). She enjoyed seeing the babies, but I think she loved seeing the animals more!

    I didn’t think the movie was anything more than an honest representation of four different ways of baby-raising. I loved seeing the similarities between all the babies (and between those babies and my own!). So interesting!

  3. I brought two teens and a tween (no babies). They had a great time. They laughed out loud at the animals with the babies. I think we agreed that the saddest/funniest scene was when Mari was trying unsuccessfully to play with the stick and the ring toys.
    It reminded me how few older kids in our culture get to spend very much time with babies and toddlers. That seems like a real loss to me.

  4. My 20 month old enjoyed watching the babies in the movie for about 30 min then paid more attention to the babies sitting around us. It was different from other docs in that there was no narration, no background story, no introduction to the parents, etc. It truly was about THE BABIES…although i was interested in finding out more about them and their families.

    I did have one complaint…the movie started 15 minutes late. I needed it to start on time so I could leave and pick up my other child at preschool. Therefore, I missed the last 15 minutes.

  5. I liked it – agree that it was neat to see similarities between all babies (including my own). Was nice to see a movie at the theater, after nearly a year (babe is 11.5 months…). He’d watch for awhile but seemed to enjoy trying to crawl after the racing toddlers in front more & trying to eat found popcorn from the floor. Grateful for the opportunity to be around so many parents and their kiddos, regardless the age – felt free to meet the needs of my child without worrying about disturbing others.

  6. I anticipated spending most of the movie trailing Amalia (22 months) as she checked out the live kids around us. But she was mesmerized by the babes on-screen, and wanted only to cuddle and watch.

    I didn’t feel there was a particular agenda to the film–it felt like an objective representation of the life experience of babies in 4 cultures. Certainly the experience of the Ponijao (sp?), especially, stands out and made me think (again) about all the baby STUFF we have in this culture. But mostly, I think the movie was quite lovely.

  7. I saw it with my 1yo. She was more interested in all the newborns sitting around us than the movie at the beginning 🙂 She then slept through the middle and woke to watch the end when the babies were mobile. She was obviously paying close attention to the end as she started walking later that afternoon!! Early in the week she was maxing out at 3-4 steps; after the movie she took off across the backyard and has been walking all over the place ever since!

  8. I havent seen it yet! I think my son would love it though. He freezes everytime a baby or child is on the TV. I am going to try and see if it is playing in our town so I can take us 🙂

  9. I didn’t bring my children with me, so I haven’t seen their response yet. But I loved seeing the babies all being raised in different ways. And like a previous commenter said, I would have loved to know more about the families featured in the movie.

  10. I brought my (almost) 10 month old, Connor, with me and he did great! It was his first movie; he sat on my lap the entire time and played, ate and watched the movie. It did keep his attention here and there which was great. The biggest take away for me was seeing how other cultures let their babies play alone. Babies need to learn how to do things by themselves and explore …. which allows parents to get things done or take a break! I didn’t feel there was a hidden agenda.

  11. My 6 month old fell asleep nursing at the beginning… not surprising since he often falls asleep that way at home at night. When he woke up he seemed mesmerized by the large screen and liked to watch. My 5 year old got a little antsy but he said he loved it. His favorite part was when the one baby peed all over out in the open and watching the babies interact with the other kids. He did ask if people really lived like the family in Namibia so we talked about that. I think that was really good for him to see that not all kids live the same way that he does.

    I didn’t pick up on any agenda the movie may have had and I was kind of looking for one. It seemed like they were trying to show that babies all over the world even in different cultures all have many similar experiences along with the different ones. I would have liked to see even more different cultures represented though.

    I loved it! I also loved the experience of being able to see it in the theater with all the other parents and kids- and so many BABIES!

  12. I brought my 5yo to see it last Sunday and I think she liked it. I liked it a lot, but like others have said I wish there was at least some information provided about some of the things they showed. I felt like the American parents looked kind of inept, which was amusing (because so much of what they did was similar to things I did/do!) I wasn’t sure how much of it sank in with my daughter, but tonight I noticed that all of her baby dolls were tightly swaddled and had ribbons tied around the swaddling like baby Bayar in Mongolia!

  13. I didn’t bring my 17month old but brought my 4 1/2 year old and she loved it. She was laughing and having a great time watching it. She had many questions during the movie about why they were doing certain things. I think it was great movie for kids to watch to see different cultures and lifestyles then what they are use to.

  14. I thought this movie-going experience was truly magical! I mean, how often does one see so many moms and babies in one place? The sound of all the babies cooing, babbling, even crying was the perfect soundtrack for the movie – which was an excellent depiction of babies being babies!

    If there was an agenda to the movie, it might have been to say that despite the all the gadgets and conditions of safety and cleanliness that “first world” countries say we need, babies grow and develop pretty much the same with or without those supposed needs.

    Agenda or not, I thought it was very well done, enjoyed it thoroughly and thank the Happy Bambino for making the viewing experience possible!

  15. Hi, we really enjoyed the movie. We didn’t have a baby with us, well kind of. I am 33 weeks pregnant with Hazel, and she was bouncing around in my belly at the movie. I think she liked hearing the babies in the theater, as well as the ones on screen. I brought my friend, and her five year old daughter. The five year old was laughing at the movie, and enjoyed watching the babies in the theater. I noticed some of the babies watching the movie periodically, and pointing to the screen. Sometimes I wonder if babies can somehow communicate with other babies…I learned about babies development in other countries, it was very interesting. I think the point of the movie was to teach us all about different cultures, and prove that babies are able to adapt to all types. Thank you for this very rich experience. I would definitely like to attend something like this again. Hopefully with my daughter Hazel, who will be making her arrival in June.

  16. I LOVED it! I really enjoyed seeing how the different cultures raised their babies. My son actually did pretty good starting out with the movie. He was very fascinated watching the babies, but then his attention span drifted, but he still watched the movie periodically. I didn’t bring any older children with me. As far as agenda goes, I really don’t think there was one. They seemed to just simply watch and observe how each baby was raised. I think I’ll buy this on dvd so my mom can see it too (she’d really enjoy it).

  17. I really enjoyed how the movie was from the baby’s perspective, and there was no need to translate the adult conversations going on. I thought it was very well done. I left feeling like the main agenda, if any, of the film was to show the commonality between vastly different cultures. We all love our sweet babes! My three year old liked the movie, but it did get a bit long for her. She also missed her little (and extremely mobile) brother who we left at grandma’s house.

  18. I will admit I was a bit nervous coming to the movie as I have both a 2 year old and a 6 month old, neither of which we’ve brought to a movie before. I was pleasantly surprised that they both did awesome! My two year old loved the movie and was fairly consistently telling me about what he was seeing, it was fun to hear what he was noticing. I am so grateful I had the chance to bring both boys without having to worry if they were making a little bit of noise! Thank you for puting this together, it was a great experience!

  19. I really enjoyed being able to bring my kid somewhere and not feel bad about him making noise. I really appreciated the baby-friendly atmosphere you and Sundance created. It felt really nice to be with adults in a movie with my kid. Thanks again.

  20. We had a fantastic time – I went with a group of friends and our babies are all around 7-9 months. It was surprising and fun to see how interested they were in watching the babies on the big screen. Overall a fun outing for mom and baby in a comfortable and friendly setting.

    I really appreciated how the film showed that each of the babies had basically the same experiences/reached the same milestones over the course of the year regardless of where they were living or how they were raised. I thought it was a beautiful reminder that we all share the same basic qualities no matter where we are in the world or how we live.

  21. I took my 13 month old and my 4 yr old boys. We all loved the movie. It was great that I didn’t have to worry about the kids talking and noises disrupting other people since there were babes everywhere!

    I was amazed at the attention span of both of my children. The 4-yr-old was giving play-by-plays of what was going on during the movie and the one-yr-old was mesmerized by the babies in the movie and the theater! Not sure if it had anything to do with the movie, but the very next day my baby was standing independently and taking 3, 4, and 5 steps at a time and he had never shown any interest before that!

    It was really neat to see all the similarities and differences in the lives of babies around the world. Thank you!

  22. My eight-month-old daughter loved watching the other children and babies in the theater more than the babies on screen. It was a great outing for us. What struck me most about the movie and about all the people attending is that though most of these people were strangers to me I felt like we were all part of the same “club.” Having a baby automatically enrolls you in this new group, where you can relate to all other parents out there.

    There was a scene in the movie where they show Hattie sitting and she’s not doing much, but you can tell by her face that she is pooping in her diaper and there was a collective laugh from the audience. Until I had my daughter, I never would have picked up on that. Now I appreciate all the little ways that raising a child is a shared, universal experience.

  23. I brought my 2 1/2 year to see the movie. It was her first movie theater experience. She loved eating popcorn and checking out the other kids and babies in the theater. She seemed to be very interested in the babies on screen as well as the animals.
    It was great to be reminded of all the ways that babies are celebrated and raised throughout the world. I loved the movie and hope there will be more opportunities to do this again!

  24. I went with my 2yr old and my 7 month old. We loved it and did great at our first movie together. As I suspected (hoped) my 7 month old nursed then napped for the majority of the film. My two year old, who’s not a TV watcher, was who I worried most about. But she loved it! A love of babies kept her attention for a good part of it. She told me everything that was on screen. Her favorite part, which she told her papa about, was the baby nursing on the other baby’s belly button. And danced to the music. We had great fun! Thanks for hosting!

  25. The gentle hum of babies talking, crying, eating, playing. For me, this was the perfect soundtrack to the movie, and I wouldn’t have wanted to watch it any other way! It was breathtaking and empowering to be in a theater full of mommy-baby energy. I brought my 6-month old (it was actually her 6-month birthday!) and she seemed to enjoy watching at first… until she got hungry. As I sat nursing her, and watching the mothers on screen nurse, I felt very connected to the experience of motherhood (which is not always the case!). Thank you to Happy Bambino for such an experience!

  26. I did not bring my 22 month old, but I did bring my mom and mother-in-law! We enjoyed the film and had fun watching all the kids in the theater.

    I was not struck by an explicit agenda, but was struck by the absence of parents in the film. It was truly about babies. It was actually reminiscent of nature shows. The other thing that really stood out to me was the baby-centered structured interactions, classes, etc. in the US and Japan as opposed to the sense that the other babies were just along for the ride.

    An interesting film, and one I’ll continue to think about. Thanks for organizing the screening!

  27. My 7 month old was fascinated by the babies on the screen and seemed to enjoy it. It seemed almost too stimulating for him at one point and he fell asleep halfway through.

    The movie was a great reminder that babies are really similar wherever they live and there are many different ways to successfully raise a child. In our society we tend to focus on the “right” way to parent and it was refreshing to see other perspectives and remember that we don’t need all sorts of material things to raise a happy child.

    Thanks for organizing the screening!

  28. It was amazing to see all the little ones… babies and toodlers. It was a great experience for us. Lily is only 6 weeks so she fell asleep right away, however I enjoyed watching the movie and all the other kids.

    I brought a friend and her 6 month old and he was totally into the movie. As far as the movie, I found it very enjoyable and refreshing to see how other cultures raise their babies. Really made me think of all the extra crap we purchase as consumers, when really things are not needed, it’s just for convenience. Overall, the movie was informative, funny and educational… great time!

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