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Mother’s Day Give-Away!

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  1. My mother told me that I always had the power to change my mind. As someone who was fairly rigid as a child, this helped me to open up, relax, and yes, change my mind.

  2. My mom always told me that when I”m a mom I should enjoy every moment with my kids because they grow up fast – didnt belive her at the time but now that i’m a mom of two beautiful kids – WOW was she right!!!!

  3. My mother told me to go ahead and have a 2nd child even if you think you can’t afford it because it is so worth it and everything will work out in the end. She was so right!!

  4. My mom said “children survive in spite of their parents,” reminding me to loosen up, worry less about all the little things and just enjoy the ride.

  5. Never iron naked! She was right!

  6. My mom always said, “I didn’t raise you to stay close to me, I raised you to spread your wings and fly.” It always reminds me that her greatest wish for me is to be true to myself. Now, I want the same thing for my little guy – when he’s big enough, of course!

  7. My mom told me that the biggest influence on a kid’s life were the parents, the school you choose matters but it comes second… or third! She told me that when I was frustrated about finding a good preschool/child care and when I worry if we have to move…

    She is right (as usual), and I worry less 🙂

  8. My mom told me I could do anything or be anything I wanted to be. She always encouraged me to try – just try, even if it didn’t work out. Now that I’m a mom, I hope I can instill this same confidence in my daughter.

  9. I’m not sure she said it in so many words, but my mother thought of me as a risk-taker, even though I didn’t think of myself that way. She always encouraged me to step beyond the limits of what I knew I could do, into unknown territory.

    She also sang loudly along with the radio. Thanks for filling my head with random lyrics, Mom!

  10. She told me everything always happens for a reason and that things tend to work out – even if you aren’t sure exactly how they will at the moment. This always helped me be more positive in the face of challenges or when things weren’t going right.

    Bonus answer – My grandmother (mom’s mom) always told me to walk proud! I am ALWAYS complimented on my posture now and I owe it to her. It also helped me be more confident!

  11. When I was in high school I was lamenting to my mom that my somewhat boisterous personality did not seem to be netting me much success with high school boys. I think I scared them. She told me that if I really thought having a boyfriend was so important that I could squelch my personality and be someone I wasn’t. Or, I could be myself and the right person would appreciate that and love me for it. Of course, she was right. Always be who you are!

  12. My mom always told us that if we were going to share something, one person should cut the thing in half and the other got first pick of which “half” they wanted. In other words, be fair.

  13. (I’m loving all this motherly advice!)

    My mother’s favorite remark was “it’s all about attitude.” That and “If you can’t change something, change the way you think about it.” This has helped more than ever now that I’m a mom. ‘Cause Lord knows there are lots of things that are completely out of my control.

  14. My mother always said that with each child your love is multiplied not divided and there is always room for more love. That and always wear clean underware you never know if something should happen you wouldn’t want to be wearing day old undies.

  15. My mom always encouraged me to write thank you notes. She said that people may never remember getting one, but they WILL remember NOT getting one. I have tried to hold true to that. Very wise advice.

  16. My mother said “If you (I) waited to have children until everything was perfect. The perfect house, job, enough money, travel, etc. We would never have children. You either want to be a mother and you do it. Or you want all the other stuff. Only you can choose.”

    I choose to be poor in things and rich in love 😉

  17. My mom taught me to put my feet in other people’s shoes, to try to understand different situations. This was a super valuable lifetime lesson!

  18. Growing up, my mom always said ‘use your judgment.’ At times this was the most frustrating piece of advice, disguised as an answer. Sometimes I just wanted to know how late I could be out without getting into trouble.

    Many moons later, I realize that being told to use my judgment taught me that my voice will be heard and my choices matter.

  19. Sadly I don’t have a relationship with my mother, but my grandmother is my everything. She raised 8 kids, and did a darn good job. She always told me to cherish EVERY minute because they will grow so fast, I could never have envisioned it being SO true, my little guy is going to be 2 and I cannot believe it!

  20. Mom always told me to trust myself and my gut. It’s the best advice I ever got as a mother.

  21. “Go outside!”
    When things would get crazy, my mom would send us all outside and it (almost) always made things better. I do this still today – when things are getting crazy or tense, I get outside.

  22. When I was lamenting that we didn’t really have much Dutch heritage to pass on to the kids, she pointed out that passing on an awareness of spiritual heritage is much more important.

  23. My mother showed me that it was better to be single than together with a person that was not good for or to you. I followed that advice and it served me well in college. I forgot about it for a while but it came back to me in time to leave me available when I met the perfect person for me. I never knew it good be so good. If I had settled I might never have. Be true to yourself. It is better for your children to see what a healthy relationship looks like even if it means that the parents are not together.

  24. My Mom taught me to always go for it, don’t be afraid, don’t be intimidated, if there is something you want to do or want to be or what to change, then go and do it! I control my destiny.

  25. My mom always told me that even when I thought I was trying my hardest, I could probably try even just a bit harder.

  26. My mother always says to smile and dance! Those two things make every day seem a little brighter 😉

  27. Oh my gosh, am I the only person who had a horrid mom? I think the only “good” advice she ever gave me was to cross my ankles when wearing a skirt, which became a moot point as I rarely will wear a skirt. Oh. Wel.. that and that Vick’s Vapo-Rub will both clear up a stuffy head AND that nasty toenail fungus. Just sayin.’

  28. My mother always told me “It’s more important to be intelligent then to be beautiful!”

  29. My mom always told me I could do anything I put my mind to!

  30. My mom told me that my marriage would have ebbs and flows. Sometimes my partner would be my friend, other times my lover. Sometimes he would change when I was happy, and other times I would go through changes without him. Ultimately a happy marriage accepts these tides and that the couple must continually chose to be together.

  31. My mom told me I could always go to her for anything. I didn’t really take her up on the offer when I was younger, but I’m making up for the lost time now that I’m a mom as well!

  32. By her actions, my mama told us to work hard, be brave, have faith, and marry a good man.

  33. My mother told me to call if I was going to be late so she wouldn’t lie awake worrying that I was dead in a ditch somewhere. Exact words. 😉

  34. My mother always told me it was rude to call someone before 9 AM…so true!

  35. My mother told me to get my tattoo somewhere I could see it!

  36. Although my mother didn’t want me to go to school in Madison(because it was too big), she encouraged me move to New York City after college. I guess she thought I grew up a lot in those four years.

  37. If you can’t take a few rubs, you’ll never become a polished mirror.

  38. Whenever I was feeling uncertain or wishy-washy in my plans or asking for what I really want my mom would say, “You know you could get hit by a truck tomorrow and this all wouldn’t even matter.” Hmmm. Perspective. Well, she WAS hit by a truck one day (okay, an aneurysm) and it did change my way of thinking dramatically.

  39. My mom offered delicate encouragement to stay challenged. She said, “Just try it” You don’t know if you don’t like something until you try it, and sometimes you have to try things more than once. That helped me conquer everything from broccoli to graduate school!

  40. My mom always told me, don’t skimp on shoes or bras, both need proper support.

  41. When I was about four I asked my mom if we could go to Bethlehem, fully believing that it was a place one couldn’t visit – like heaven. She said that we could and would go there someday.

    While we have never gone, she opened my mind up to the possibilities and dreams of travel, exploring new places and going outside ones’ boundaries.

    So far I’ve spent a total of a year traveling outside the U.S. and feel I have my mom to thank for that.

  42. You should talk to your mother everyday!!!

    Sadly I am not able to go to the LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER show b/c I will be out of town! 😦

  43. I don’t really have a great relationship with my mother. Because of that, I’ve tried to shower my kids with affection and I’ve learned no-one can hear “I love you” too much.

  44. My mother told me to always try to get enough sleep but to not worry about not getting enough sleep.

  45. My mother laughed and smiled everyday. Sometimes because something funny had happened, but often when facing a challenge, like patching a hole in my Dad’s shirt where his pipe tobacca had burned a nickel-sized hole. (Buying a new shirt wasn’t an option.) She never told us to “smile and laugh often.” She didn’t need to.

  46. Never let the sun go down on your anger. Keeping the pain inside, withdrawing and punishing, wastes energy and hurts me more than anyone else. Trying to work things out, meeting them where they’re at, and making the first move if necessary are ultimately more satisfying than “being right”.

  47. My mom told me the only thing she wanted was to have her kids be happy. With a mom like I had, that wasn’t difficult at all!

  48. My mother told me to be good to myself and look for the good in others and to be fair and not pass judgment – there is always more than one way to do things.

  49. My mom told me that its most of the the time the mother who sets the tone for the house. If mama is happy, then everyone is happy. I really try and notice if i can be a catalyst for everyone to be in a better mood!

  50. I didn’t have a history of listening to my mother directly. But now as an adult I realize how much of her example as a mother has helped me make the choices I make as a mother.

  51. My mom always tells me to, “smile that big beautiful smile and you’ll be able to do anything.” So far she’s right. I have a beautiful healthy family, my second child is due May 4, wonderful friends and a great job. Life is good thanks to my Mom. 🙂

  52. My mom always told me to smile in pictures and take good care of my teeth because they paid too much money for my smile!

  53. My Mom told me to finish school – just suck it up and get in done! Glad I listened!

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  55. Be true to yourself and don’t care what other people might think!

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  57. My mom used to say, “Take the time to do it right the first time,” and although I don’t take that advice as often as I should, things always work out better when I do!

  58. My mother always told me when it came to making important decisions, I needed to be able to look in the mirror afterwards, and to always ask myself if I would be able to.

  59. “When you’re young you regret things you did, when you’re old you regret things you didn’t do.” She always told me to go for it and to take chances, and has always encouraged and supported me when I took that advice.

  60. “Money comes and goes. Time just goes.” I love my mom. Isn’t this the best thing ever? Maybe not always the best piece of advice, but having these words in the back of my head has definitely made me feel more confident about following my passion many times over the years.

  61. My mama said “Love is not like a pie,” meaning there is enough to go around, for everyone.

    Good advice.

  62. My mother always told me that being nervous is a good thing, it means you really want something!

  63. That when your kids are being a pain in the a, to pretend and call Santa Claus to tell on them. It works. She taught me this by example of course.

  64. My mother told me that she doesn’t always like me but will always love me. I never understood how you could feel both of these feelings at the same time until I had my own kids!

  65. When I was bored or out of sorts, my mom told me to “Go outside and blow the stink off your body!”
    good advice, still works.

  66. My mom didn’t really tell me this in so many words but she lives with the attitude that you can’t change people — you should just be there for them, if you love them, while they live their life. She means this in a nice way, not in the pathetically passive way it sounds. And of course it took her until her seventh decade to arrive at this attitude. And she lives alone, and has for most of her life. Still, it is an amazing and powerful tolerance she has.

  67. My mom never really said this in so many words but I learned it from the way she lived her life. To be respectful of others’ opinions even if you don’t agree with them — in other words, live and let live. This could lead to a more peaceful world.

  68. My mother taught me to appreciate natural beauty. No matter what’s going on inside, you can look outside and feel connected to something larger, something peaceful.

    (later in life, she taught me to chant/shout “I Am Wo-man” when you need an extra boost of energy)

  69. My mom told me to always buy a winter coat that covered my butt. I thought it was because she wanted me to be modest, but after 32 years’ worth of Wisconsin winters, I know now that her advice was merely practical and profoundly true. Even with a long winter coat, my butt always freezes in November and doesn’t thaw until April. I shudder to think of what might happen if I didn’t cover it in a layer of down–it would probably involve pieces of my frozen, shattered butt all over the sidewalk. ALWAYS make sure your winter coat covers your butt. You will be glad you did.

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