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HB555 – Giving away lotsa breastfeeding goodies today!

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  1. I want to win package number 3! I am headed back to work soon and the first set of breastfeeding bras I got are ready for retirement.

    Nothing says returning to work like a good foundation!

    I hope I make the cut!!

  2. Door #5 please! I’d love to be set and ready to go when the little one comes. Nothing is more important to me, as a soon to be working mother, than being able to provide a baby’s essential nutrients as long as possible.

  3. Nice options!! I would love package #3 also! My bras are leaving much to be desired after 6 months of nursing. My husband has been mentioning how he remembers my “old, sexy” pre-baby bras, and can’t wait until I stop wearing the “brown and beige ones” haha! I keep telling him that his time will come and that the girls aren’t “his” right now, but he IS a man……….Gotta love ’em!

  4. Ohhh, I’m loving #2 You can never have enough nursing tanks! I’ve been rotating three for almost 7 months and some new colors would be wonderful!

  5. I want #2! Gettin dressed. I am not nursing a VERY opinionated 18m old, and the nursing tank has become a MUST, if Im not wearing one I have to practically undress to nurse him *giant eyeroll* He cant have any fabric within 6 inches of his face! lol

  6. I meant NOW nursing.

  7. defnitely #3! I need new nursing bras in the worst way.

  8. I love Package 2!
    Happy Bambino is my resource for many things: gifts, nursing stuff, and toddler music!

  9. I would love to win #5. I did not have a good pump with my first child. It would be great to have a new one for number 2! πŸ™‚

  10. Ooo, package #2 please! I am a new mama who is nursing a hungry, hungry 3 week old. My days of breastfeeding have only begun and I quickly realized how essential good bras and tanks are. I just bought bras from HB and I would *love* to add tanks to my breastfeeding wardrobe! Thanks HB!

  11. I would love #3. My son is 7 months old and I have yet to find a good nursing bra. I am also going back to work soon and I need a comfortable great fitting bra. I have heard great things about the bravado bras! I plan on nursing my son till he is at least 18 months old (I may even nurse him till 24 months)

  12. Number 2 looks SO GREAT! I run over to daycare to nurse my baby every day and having one of those nice tank tops to wear under my work clothes would greatly expand my available breastfeeding friendly wardrobe!!!

  13. #5 followed by #3.
    A pump is a woman’s best friend when it comes to returning to work. What fantastic choices! Thanks Happy Bambino for being such a wonderful resource. You have made a huge difference in the community! We are lucky to have you and I am happy you are growing.

  14. Oh! #4!! We’re getting ready for a second baby and, after two years of nursing my current kiddo, my trusty old Brest Friend pillow is totally shot.

  15. Oh, #3. I sadly am wearing the same nursing bra right now for kiddo #3 that I bought for kiddo #1 five years ago. It’s ugly. And it’s been worn for over 4 years of breastfeeding, almost straight through.

    I would love something beautiful!

  16. #4 I’m nursing right now

  17. #3: with baby #3 nearly 6 months old, it is time to retire my sleep bras and shapeless old nursing bras. I find that I have to think about my clothing choices every day in order to accommodate feeding the baby. It would be great to have some bras to give those clothes a little pizazz!

  18. I live in nursing tanks when I am nursing so #2 would be really great! Although all of the packages look fabulous! Great giveaway and Happy Birthday!

  19. I would go for package 3 because after a rocky start at the beginning, my son is still nursing like a pro at 2 years. I am 2 cup sizes bigger than I was pre-nursing and could use some functional and sexy nursing bras that actually fit me as it looks like we are in this for the long haul.

  20. I would LOVE to win #5. My sister actually sent me a brand new one in the mail and someone along the way opened up the box, took out the pump, re-sealed it with what was left inside and sent it on it’s way. Despite having insurance we were not paid a dime and I missed out on using that pump with DD. She’s now almost 2 and we’re thinking about another baby soon and I would love to finally get to use the PIS that my sister raved about!

  21. It would have to be # 3 as i am nursing my 18-month-old and always run out of nursing bras it seems. And these are some nice ones!

  22. How cool you are doing this. It is a gift enough to have you in our community–an incredible resource! But I’m hoping for #5 or #4. I’m not nursing (and doubt I’ll be having another baby unfortunately!) but I’d donate either to someone in need or a women’s shelter. ( p.s. It’s my birthday today if that has any impact on if I win!)

  23. I’d love package #2!

  24. #5 would be great! I am expecting at the end of December and this would really save us from having to buy a pump. Medelas are the workhorse pump, and they have a wonderful reputation (just like your store!).

  25. I would love #3! I currently have some sad nursing bras and could definitely use some pretty ones to keep me going! πŸ™‚

  26. #5. My pump is dying and a new one is not in the budget. Awesome giveaways!

  27. Package # 3 is the one for me! I just returned to work last week and am having a little trouble keeping up with the laundry. My solitary bravado bodysilk (from HB) is by far my favorite bra, it would be great to have some other nice ones in circulation. Happy Bambino is da bomb!

  28. Wow- # 5 would be awesome. Living on one small income as spouse is in school working towards a better life for us and our kiddos! Hope to BF for at least a year but will be hard returning to work so soon after baby’s birth this spring. Can’t really afford a pump like this, but would REALLY like one! THANKS for this contest and everything you guys do πŸ™‚

  29. #3 please! Still nursing my 1 year old (baby #2) and would love some new, nursing-friendly bras. My old ones are ugly, ugly, ugly.

    And the book I’d give to a cousin whose expecting.

  30. I am hard pressed to say whether I’d want the nursing bras or the nursing tanks, but I think I’d be happy with either…I have had such difficulty with nursing bras and nursing tanks – currently I am nursing 2 (infant and a toddler), and I definately need something fantastic but don’t have it. The old nursing tanks are worthy of little but the garbage after daily wear for almost 2 years, and my bras just never seem to fit right. Oh how I would love to have new ones!!!!

  31. Either #3 or #2 would be awesome! I’m currently nursing my third child, and I would love to have some pretty new bras or tanks to spruce up my nursing wardrobe!

  32. #2….I would love to win the Bravado tank AND a Glamourmom tank. A friend of mine has the Bravado and I LOVE it. Also the Ina May’s Guide to Breastfeeding would be great…Spiritual Midwifery is an inspiration to me in the last week before I am due to give birth. I think she’s fabulous! YAY!


  33. I, too, would love package #3. After 10 months of motherhood, spending any money on myself still seems like a luxury – even when it’s on necessities like bras. My current bras leave much to be desired, so it would be wonderful to have a few more (nicer ones) to add to the mix.

    Thanks for sharing your birthday celebration with us!

  34. I would love to win #3! I have been nursing Jonah (baby #2) for almost 7 months and have been using my bras from when I nursed baby #1 (he is now 2.5). I feel like my nursing bra wardrobe could use a serious facelift and I HEART BRAVADO!

  35. Package #4 sounds awesome! I would love to try out the pillow, quite intriguing…defintely sounds like it would be easier than any other pillow options we’ve tried so far.

  36. Happy Birthday! I am 38 and expecting my first so I’m not sure which option would be best — they all sound like great and useful prizes. As my friend said, you can’t go wrong with these options, so if my name is chosen, please choose for me! Thanks for the opportunity.

  37. happy birthday! package 2 or 3 sounds fabulous!

  38. #2!!! I’ve wanted to try the tanks… but can’t seem to justify the cost, as I already have enough (uncomfortable) bras! Happy birthday!!

  39. I lover GM tanks!! I have two already which I purchased from your store thanks to your awesome and beautiful sales staff!! I hope flatery gets me everywhere.

    Anyhow GM tanks keep my belly from getting cold while I am nursing my toddler, and are made so well I can use them with the next baby.

    They are also perfect for babywearing one shirt up one shirt down.

    Thank you for being you HB—happy 5 th year.

  40. #4!

  41. I’d like to win the Bodysilk bra for my friend Amy who is due next week. I love Bravado but I’m almost done nursing so I’d love to share it with her.

  42. #2, #3, #4, #5. With options like that, its hard to choose!

  43. I’d love #3. I just got my frist Bravado Bra, and I am hooked. None of my other bras are the correct size, the folks help fit me. I was off on all counts.

  44. Happy Birthday!

    So, it’s #3 for me, too!
    I’ve been nursing almost non-stop since June of 2003. Okay, I do get breaks during the day, but I’ve been nursing every day since then, except for one month before baby #2 arrived. I tandem nursed her and baby three for 9 months so that kind of washes out the month I took off.

    Anyway, when I first saw that today’s contest was about breastfeeding my first thought was that there was nothing this old pro needed. Then I saw the bras. Most of mine are SIX AND A HALF YEARS OLD. If I don’t win, I may have to go out and buy a new one now that I’ve realized how old and worn mine are. Since Christmas is coming, I’d rather just win a bra!

  45. I would love to win #2 I’m on child number 4 and have never tried a nursing tank. These would be great for nighttime, layering and for hanging around the house!

  46. Definitely #3! With my second child I have seen the light and turned to Bravado bras. They’re great! I’ve been eyeing the new styles since I heard about them a couple of months ago. It’s about time that us nursing moms were allowed to be stylish again.

  47. I’m pregnant with baby number 2, so last preganacy’s tanks are definately a little worn. i only had 2 tanks and they were really all I wore (never really liked any of my nursing bras), so #2 would be awesome. Since weaning my first baby, my sister in law has “borrowed” my breast pump, and just getting a replacement would be great, so I’m not stealing it back before she is done with it, so I’m also hoping for #5! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAMBINO!!

  48. I would love to win package #5! This is our first baby, and we’re currently taking breastfeeding classes to prepare for the little one’s arrival in T minus 8 weeks! I’m going to be a working mom, so I think having a high-quality pump will allow me to pump at work so the baby can continue to receive breastmilk throughout its first year. Happy birthday, Happy Bambino!

  49. I’d definitely love #3 – I was just telling my husband yesterday that I need a new nursing bra soon and these just look awesome. Loving #2 also!

  50. #2 or #3!! How is a mom-to-be to decide??!! I’m set for a pump and really need to get going and venture into the world of shopping for nursing bras and tanks. These sound wonderful – I definitely plan to come in there one of these days to check them all out – but how great would it be to win one of the packages?!! I am also intrigued by your nursing pillow #4 prize…you’ve got me nervous about using the hand-me-down boppy that seems to be the standard these days!

    Happy Birthday and thanks for so many chances to win!

  51. Happy birthday Happy bambino!

    I guess I’m alone in wishing for package #1! With my daughter I battled to have enough milk for her and never even used a nursing pad, this time around, things are (thankfully!) very different!

    I’m also frequently nursing my son at the fine dining restaurant that my husband and I own, and I like to cover up in that situation, especially since I’m nursing a 3 week old who doesn’t quite grasp the concept of modesty yet.

  52. So hard to choose! I think I’d like to win #2. Nursing tanks definitely make me feel more comfortable nursing in public. I would love to try some with some support — the less expensive version I’ve been wearing isn’tt very supportive – or flattering. I would love to compare the 2 brands so I know which kind to get for my sister in law who is expecting twins and gearing up to feed the both of them! The book would be a great resource to read myself and share with family and friends. Happy 5th birthday to HB – a great community resource!!

  53. #3, for sure. Having a good nursing bra on makes all the difference. I need to have more on hand…

    Happy 5th Birthday πŸ™‚

  54. I’m the only one so far, but I would LOVE to win #1. My first baby had a really hard time latching, and we were quite clumsy at nursing for a little while (especially when we also had a breast shield). The nursing cover really helped me feel comfortable so I didn’t have to rush to get it right. And since I took it everywhere, it is now disgusting, and I’d love a new one for baby number 2. And, being that I made enough milk to feed the neighborhood, I can never have too many pads.
    Happy Birthday to you!!

  55. Happy birth day! I visit your blog and online shop all the way from here in Massachusetts. It’s great!

  56. Happy Birthday! I’d love #2… Can’t have enough nursing tanks.

  57. Happy Birthday! It is my birthday today too! And I would love #3! With a baby coming in just a few weeks, I am in need of nursing bras, and it would be the perfect treat.

    My second choice would be #1.


  58. These products look great! I hope I will win something!!

  59. OH my. What a fabulous package! I’m off to email this to all the new mamas in my life. πŸ™‚ Personally, the bra or tank would be my fav since I have another years worth of nursing to do. πŸ™‚

  60. Happy 5th Birthday!! Wow-they all look great but #3 or 5 would be great! When I was blessed with my son 2 years ago (after 5 years of trying) I nursed and pumped regularly. Then I got rid of my pump and bras as he was our miracle and we would never have another! Well, now I am about to have miracle # 2 and I have nothing!! I have always heard about how great your bras are and would love to try them out!!

  61. every nursing mom should be treated to special gifts! I would definitely pass on gifts I couldn’t use or already have, but I love the idea of new nursing gear! Happy Birthday HB!

  62. Feliz Coplianos. . .I am sure I spelled that wrong. Happy birthday!! Um what to most win. . .#5. But they all sound great. I am alomost 7 months with our first child so all I know for sure is that we need a breast pump but would be happy to win anything!!
    Thanks for always thinking of us!

  63. This is so great that you guys are doing this! I would appreciate any of the gifts! I am expecting my first and have nothing breast feeding related. I’ll have to stop in for some bras soon. πŸ™‚

  64. Number 5 would b fantastic especially for those months of going to work while needing to pump!

  65. Happy Birthday!!!! I would want to win #4, Nursing in Comfort. I was only able to breastfeed with my son for a short time because I had so many complications and difficulty. But I just found out I’m pregnant with my second child and can’t wait for another chance to breastfeed with him/her. I hope that the pillow and book will be able to help me achieve this goal!

  66. Package numero uno. I am a huge leaker-always have been and as she approaches yr two I am in great need of new nursing pads!

    happy Brirthday!

  67. OK! I have officially been distracted from work by your website and blog for over 30 minutes! What fun! And I think I would love #5 the most, although any would be amazing. I am expecting my first and have NADA. Thanks for this πŸ™‚

  68. I would love #3! My nursing bras are getting so old and are NOT sexy. Plus, I’m hoping to feed child #2 longer, and so my old nursing bras worked great for early days (when I was big!) but now that the frequency has decreased, they don’t fit as well.

  69. Numero Cinco por favor!! With my daughter, I was only able to breastfeed for 3 mos. 😦 I have an outdated pump that has been in the family for 10 years!! A new model would be much more effective in helping me to nurse our anticipated little Aquarius.

    Happy Birthday!!

  70. I am a big fan of #3! I only bought nursing tanks with my daughter and never felt sexy. I would love to have beautiful bras I can nurse and feel like a woman again!

  71. My goodness! This is so wonderful! Everything looks great and I could use it all, but since this is my first and I plan on breast feading I think the #5 would be the most useful. I want to make sure my little one gets the good stuff even when I can’t be there:) Thank YOU!!

    Whoo hooo 5 Years!!

  72. #1 seems like a great start. What a wonderful idea. Also #2, I’m lost about what kinds of bras to get. I’m excited to take the breast feeding class to learn more and prepare for the arrival of my little one! Happy Birthday πŸ™‚

  73. Mama really needs some new nursing bras!
    Lucky Number 3!!
    Happy, Happy Birthday!

  74. Happy Birthday!! I would love package #2. With the impending arrival of baby #4 in May, 2010, tank tops will be the only way to go. I’ll be nursing a little one, while trying to chase down and deliver 3 big kids to activities, etc.. Nursing tank tops have to be the best inventions ever!

  75. I’d love #5!! My little guy was born early, and never latched, but is extremely efficient on the bottle. I have been pumping and bottle feeding since he was born. I’ve been using an older pump, and would lvoe one of my own!!!

  76. I’m headed back to work soon and a breast pump would be so helpful! I have a 10 year old used pump and it doesn’t work very well. Having a new pump and a class on pumping would make my life a lot easier, and face it: any mom who makes one thing in her life easier is a happy mom!!

  77. I like #3! We’re planning on having baby #2 soon and some new bras would be great!

  78. WOW! Look at all these responses! Having finally built up my own arsenal of nursing tanks, pump(s) and even my own Hooter Hider, I would love to win ANY of these packages for my best friend who is due in March. She and her partner are struggling a bit right now – she’s a non-profit attorney who represents battered women in the DC area and her firm just lost its funding for next year. So instead of getting excited about her new arrival, she’s kind of stressing about financing all the baby stuff she needs. So ANY package would be great! I would say option #5, but she wouldn’t get to take advantage of HB’s awesome resources, since she’s an out-of-towner. But I would LOVE to take the burden of that expensive breast pump off her shoulders. What an incredible opportunity this is. Thanks HB!!!!

  79. Five years!? Wow! That’s awesome, guys! I’m so happy you’re in Madison. I really don’t know what I would do if you weren’t. Thanks so much for all you do!

    I gotta be honest, Package Three is looking pretty great. I’ve got two little ones and am hoping for plenty more sooner or later. The only nursing bras I’ve ever owned are two ratty sport-bra style ones from Target. They’re itchy and have holes. Those Bravado ones are HOT!

  80. Happy 5th Birthday! My wife and I are expecting our first baby in January and would love to receive package #5, especially since she is going back to work after a short maternity leave and we’d like to breastfeed the baby as long as possible. It would really make her life much easier, and would give me the opportunity to bond with the baby while I take over some of the feedings with the bottle (and give her a break too). I would love to surprise her with this! We live on the east side, and shop at your store. We’d love to be able to drop in to the breastfeeding clinic as well! Thanks for these wonderful gifts and for your awesome store.

  81. Conrats on your birthday! HB is a wonderful asset for all Moms in Madison & surrounding areas.

  82. I’d love some of #3 to feel feminine again! My nursing bras are old and ready for replacements…

  83. As we say in my house, when you’re as big as a whole hand, you’re a lot to hold on to! Congratulations on this fabulous milestone.

  84. Happy Birthday!

    #5 would be my pick.

  85. I’d love #3! Good nursing bras are worth their weight in breastmilk!

  86. I want #5. I’m currently renting a pump and am looking to get my own.

  87. I would love to win #2 since I gave everything nursing related when I thought I wouldn’t be able to have more kids but the hubs and I are talking IVF–fingers crossed!!

  88. I hope to win the pump. Although I’m tempted to say the other stuff (hello, bebe au laits are AWESOME and who couldn’t use a new nursing tank??)
    BUT, I’ve got a sick baby and have been using the hand pump they gave me at the hospital to express, but it’s not very efficient and I can’t afford to buy an electric pump. So, the best thing for our family would be the pump.
    I think it’s so awesome that you guys are doing this and I hope that everyone gets what they need! Blessings.

  89. #5…I am wearing out my current pump. I need some fresh new suction in my life πŸ™‚

  90. #3 please! My nursing bras have seen better days, that’s for sure! We just had our third bambino and I was just thinking how badly I could use new bras! You guys are great, thanks for the chance!

  91. Oh how I need package #2 or 3! My son has reflux and half of every meal ends up down my back, all over my chest or down my shirt! Expanding my wardrobe would be so helpful so I don’t have to do laundry!

    Happy Birthday, Happy Bambino!

  92. Happy Birthday HB! Five alive – here’s to many more!!!

  93. Number 1 is my pick. I’m looking forward to breastfeeding, but I think I’ll need a little help! Thanks!

  94. Number 3 – I’ve been breastfeeding and/ or pregnant for the past 6 years and 2 months. I love Bravado!

  95. Happy 5th Birthday!!
    Breastfeeding birthday package # 5, please! A very good friend let me borrow her medela pump, for over 2 years!! Yes, you read that right, one child over 2 years!! What can I say, the girl loves “nah”! My friend is now pregnant and I would love to give her a shiny new pump and the support of a breast feeding community & resources.

  96. Number 3 please.
    I can be a mama AND be pretty and sexy? Sign me up for that! This pregnant lady would love to feel anything but nauseous these days πŸ™‚

  97. Oooooooh, #3 or #5. I have a good friend who is on the fence re: pumping/nursing, and I bet a gift like this might make all of the difference. I’d be so excited to give them to her (and introduce her to HB!)

  98. I’d love #5, followed by #4: I had a hard time breastfeeding my first child, and with #2 on the way, I’d LOVE to be able to attend a clinic and get helpful advice. I would love to breastfeed longer than I did before. Also, the pillow in #4 looks heavenly. My current breastfeeding pillow is very unaccomodating for my small stature…

  99. #5 – As a first-time mom expecting in March, I am totally clueless about breastfeeding and would really appreciate the clinic help.

    We just found out last week we are expecting a boy, and since I have been craving cheeseburgers I say he has a healthy appetite and I will need the double pump!

  100. Hi Alison! You seem like you’re having a lot of fun with this… congrats on baby #3, too. Love, Kat

  101. Happy Birthday Happy Bambino! They are all great prizes! I love love love the #2 package. Gearing up for adding number two to our family.

  102. #3. I started nursing in April of 2001, when my daughter was born, and I haven’t had a day off since! I nursed through both my subsequent pregnancies and tandem nursed when the new baby arrived. My 3rd is now 15 months old, and I anticipate our nursing relationship (based on his siblings) to last about 3 more years. The bras I bought when my first baby was born have fallen apart, and I’m down to 2 working bras (not good with my mounds of laundry!) So, after 8 1/2 years of nursing, I’d love new (pretty) bras!

  103. I am still breastfeeding my son, who is almost 2. He loves it, loves it, loves it and lets me know what he wants. So I have all the basics but would love to receive the breastfeeding tank if I won.

  104. #5! I’m going back to work full-time in January (after being staying home with both kids), but I want to keep nursing my little one. All I have is a hand pump now, and I’m dying for a better one.
    Happy birthday, Bambino!!

  105. #5 because my sister is having a baby next month and neither one of us can afford to buy her a nice pump. She plans to go back to work in a couple of months, so she’ll need a good, fast one. I have nursed both of my children and want to do everything I can to help her succeed with it. I would give her my pump, but I’m still using it!

    Happy Birthday!

  106. This giveaway is the best EVER!!! I love all the packages, but the one for me is #2. I still wear my nursing tanks everyday (my son is 17 months). I especially love the Bravado brand. Such high quality and the girls get a nice lift! Thanks HB! xoxo

  107. #5! I want so much to be a WAHM, but my employer is determined to have me come in two days a week. That said, they have a lactation room with everything but the pump, so… being in that conducive an environment to continue breastfeeding, all I need is the pump. I’m holding out to figure out whether renting or buying is the better option, but if I don’t have to do the outlay then I have a better chance of not going into debt to feed my child the best thing in the world for him.

  108. #5 would be amazing! I’m planning on going back to work full time once we reach the 6 week day-care age and I’ll need to pump like crazy! The other packages would be great, but I’m not sure yet what size I will end up being. πŸ™‚

  109. Ooooo Number 5, pretty please! Our first is on the way, and we’re just starting to explore all the options and new clothing I’ll need. Happy Bambino is on my list of “must go to” shops!

  110. I would love, love, love package #5. A great pump is essential!

  111. Buon compleanno, Bambino!

    Like several mommies who have shared their birthday wishes with you, I am also still nursing my toddler (he’s 18 months). I work full-time (also like many of these mommies) and so I’ve gotta look good out there. These days I’m back to my regular underwire, which makes nursing at day care drop-off and pick-up a bit difficult. I would LOVE to win the Bravado package. Thanks for doing this!!

  112. Ok, first off, Happy 5th Birthday!! My husband and I are expecting our 1st and 2nd children in Feb/March and I have to thank for being such a great resource allready! If I had to choose which giveaway package I am most excited about, it would be #5 for sure! With two babies on the way a double electric pump is a must, not always something insurance provides as I understand!!! But I want to give my sister-in-law props for referring me to happy bambino 5 months ago…so I hope she wins too! Thanks Erika Hagen!

  113. Number 3 would be so cool. This is my first baby and I have no idea where to start, beginning with finding a bra! I have trouble bra shopping on a normal basis, so this would be so wonderful. What a cool giveaway!

  114. #3. My nursing bras are pretty much worn out, and I hope to keep nursing my 16-month old until she’s at least 2.

  115. Wow, awesome prizes! I would go with #2 or #3 for myself, as I’m in the same boat with many others (could use some tanks & have old, icky nursing bras). And any of the other great packages, I would happily pass on to a new nursing mama who could use the goodies!

  116. I’d like to win #2 because I’ve wanted to try some nursing tanks and I love Ina May πŸ™‚

  117. Number 5! I will be going back to work shortly after baby is born which will be and I need to have an efficient pump for the office.

  118. I would LOVE #2 or #3. I am nursing my first baby and have been surviving on ONE nursing bra. I just can’t seem to get myself to buy a new one. It would be so nice not only to have another bra in my wardrobe, but to have a beautiful, quality bra would be amazing. Thanks Happy Bambino and happy birthday to you! : )

  119. I would like the second package because I’ve had nursing trouble due to underwire bras. I find the tanks are the best solution to nurse with ease while getting the support I need.

  120. haPpY bIrtHdAy, hAppY bAMbInO!

    What amazing prizes! I would LOVE any of them (my babies AND boobies would love any of them as well!). I am so pumped about the pump (#5) and #2 and #3 because I have resorted to wearing sports bras and they have seen better days! THANKS!

  121. #3!
    As many other moms have already said in their posts my nursing bras are sad, sad, sad. I’ve also resorted to ill-fitting sports bras. My 20 month old is still nursing every chance he can get and I don’t see an end in site for a long time. Lea fitted my 1st nursing bras and she was great at helping me find the bras that would work for me and FIT me!

  122. #2 please, because now that I’m nursing baby number 3 my one lonely, sad nursing tank is shot.

  123. They are all great! But I would love #4. This is my first baby and I have nothing. I not only really want the nursing pillow, but also the book about breastfeeding, as I have a lot to learn.

  124. I want bras! Almost 9 years straight of nursing and I still haven’t found one I really love! But I do love you!

  125. They all look great! #2 wins for me. The nursing tanks are by far the most comfortable and best looking. Also, three kids and I still have breastfeeding questions, so Ina’s book would be cool too!
    Thanks for thinking of us Mamma’s.

  126. I would love to win package #2! I do not own any nursing tanks, so I’m constantly stretching out the neck on my tanks by pulling them down. And I own every Ina May book BUT that one!

  127. Expecting our third in June! So a set of nursing tanks couldn’t be better timed for summer. #2 would be delightful! But I gotta say I also like #3 as a close runner up….. You ladies rock! Happy anniversary!

  128. I’d love to win the bra, the tank or the Lilypaz. I love to nurse my daughter, but I’m always soaking my bra pads. I have three nursing bras, only one of which fits well, and I haven’t been able to find a tank that is both snug enough and long enough…so to try new brands would be great!

  129. I would love package #5; I am expecting my first and I know I’ll be a mama on the go. We’re going to need a breastpump and I’ve heard so many good things about this particular pump (and so many BAD things about pumps that aren’t so good) that I have to have this one. I’m lucky my husband can spend time taking care of our baby, and I want to leave him as prepared as possible!

  130. I would love to win ANY of these great things! I’m newly pregnant for the first time and could use all sorts of goodies! I just love your store, by the way! Hope to get to know all of you better soon!

  131. I would love to win #3 – I am 14 weeks PG with my third and all of nursing bras and such are old and ratty and way beyond well worn in. It would be nice to have something new, that actually fits for the third go around. Thanks.

  132. I would most LOVE to win #5. I plan on returning to work and being a nurse working 12 hrs is not going to be easy. A great Medela pump would be a perfect way to continue to give our baby the best nutrition even when mamma is away!!

  133. I would love any of the packages, but I think package #5 (the medela pump + clinic)(#1 on the email) would be the best for me. I’m doing well so far trying to keep up with our 3 month old triplets. The two boys are breasfed (w/ some formula top-offs as needed) and our little peanut girl (born at 3 lbs 3 oz) is fed on all fortified breastmilk and doing well! (Alternatively I’d love the nursing tanks or bras too!!)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO A WONDERFUL PLACE and a wonderful group of folks!!!

  134. I would love to win #4 as a gift for one of my best friends. We started grad school together 10 years ago, and a couple years in I got married and had my first child. My friend Geetika was always there to help and made me feel so good about how I was juggling it all:school, new baby, partner and work. Now that she is about to have her first, I want to start her out on the right foot and show a little tiny bit of my appreciation. Thanks!

  135. I would love to win the Blessed Nest Breastfeeding Pillow package. (Although I’m sure I’d be thrilled with the nursing bra package as well πŸ™‚ I just found out that I’m expecting, a huge surprise since my daughters are both in Middle School. I no longer have any baby stuff, and my friends with little ones swear by your products. Thanks for the giveaways!

  136. #5 for me! I’m pg with my 3rd babe and this is the first time I anticipate needing a breast pump…
    Happy Birthday!

  137. How terribly would I love to win gift #3! I have to admit still wearing nursing bras from baby #1 as I am 7 months into nursing baby #2! I also have to admit needing a little boost to getting my “mojo” back-it’s hard to feel sexy in old white nursing bras–I think this package may be just what I need to turn things around….!!

  138. I would dig #2. I could use more breastfeeding friendly clothes, especially with the upcoming holidays coming up and my anxiety over properly breastfeeding around family! I could also use the book since I’m a breastfeeding newbie.

  139. With all the brutal engorgement I will endure those first 14 days postpartum I deserve to feel good when my boobs start looking normal again. #3 would be for me, i can borrow a pump but a pretty bra that FITS well? “Whoa” is right! Plus I can break it in while I’m currently nursing big brother.

  140. I would love a new pump. Mine is used and super old, it went through three kids before I got it. I hear those breastfeeding tanks are super awesome. I could certainly use a visit to the BF clinic too. I would love to have a one on one pumping instruction session.

  141. Happy Birthday! Lovely gifts! I would really like #3 or #2. As I’m finding out on kid #2, the elastic in nursing bras has a finite lifespan.

  142. Every package looks great but if I have to pick one I would go with #4. I’m due in January with my first and breastfeeding is one of the things I’m most looking forward to! The pillows look like great support and I like how the design seems flexible enough to allow you to stuff and move it into the best position.

  143. Happy Birthday!! Thanks for doing this.

    I’d be delighted with either #2 or #3. I have a newborn and I’ve struggled to find comfy and supportive nursing bras. These look awesome.

  144. #3 please! I am nursing my 3rd baby in 4 years, and wearing the same bras that I bought before my first baby was born! Would love to have something new and pretty to make me feel better about myself… these early days after your baby is born is hard to feel good about yourself when you are so tired and hormonal and have 3 little kids to take care of, and nursing one of them all day!

  145. Happy Birthday, Happy Bambino! You guys rock! I would love #3. I have lived in my nursing tanks at night for the past almost 15 months, and even though they are the shelf-bra ones, I still love them. However, I wasn’t even aware they made better ones than these! I read the description and they sound awesome! It would be great for now, and for the next kiddo. Thanks!

  146. Whoa, I just realized that #1 on the Happy Bambino website is really #5 on the HB blog page. Truthfully, beggars can’t be choosers, but the breast pump and resource class are what I really need.

  147. Tough choice – I have narrowed it down to #2, #3, or #4. I am pregnant with my third child. After two children and 4 1/2 years of breastfeeding, all my breastfeeding staples are a bit worn and weakened. I would love to replenish some of the supplies that were so loved and needed during my precious years of breastfeeding.
    Thank you for the gift giving – how fun!

  148. #5 – I’ll need this when baby comes in a few months! Plan on breastfeeding as long as we can even after returning to work full-time a few months after baby comes.

  149. HAPPY BIRTHDAY…I remember your beginning & thank you for being here for the area’s families.

  150. I would most like to win the Medela pump in style!!! Breastfeeding has made all the difference for me and my baby. I feel so wonderful knowing that I am doing what’s best for him and it costs me nothing. It is the most natural and healthy thing any mother can give their little one!

  151. I’d really like #4. Seems I’m always searching for the most comfortable way to nurse my baby, and the Boppy or bed pillows just don’t cut it. Also, my sister is expecting her next baby in a few months, and I might be inclined to share it with her. πŸ˜‰


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