Posted by: findingthemiddle | October 20, 2009

Baby Sign or Baby Gourmet Anyone?

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  1. Favorite HB product and why? Where to start? Diaper wraps are something I keep coming back for – don’t know where else to get them. I love the art cards for baby – my baby loves the graphic black and white images, and they make a great gift. The eco-boutique is awesome – so nice to have this affordable, eco-friendly resale option in the store along with your beautiful, new merchandise. Plus, nursing bras, great little toys, Robeez, resource books. Happy Bambino is the best!

  2. My favorite HB product is not a physical product at all, but the groups and classes. Yoga with Amala has been doing me some real good, and Cuddlebugs group with Lea keeps my whole week in check. LOVE this resource!

  3. Bravado! nursing pads because I lactate like there is no tomorrow and they are the only ones that have been able to hold back the floodgates and keep me comfy.

  4. My favorite so far is actually the Wee Gallery Dino Art Cards … they’re so fun and unique, and look great in our baby’s room!

  5. it’s a tie between sophie the giraffe and the ergo baby carrier. maudie loves chewing on sophie and it is really helping her get through teething. the ergo carrier is wonderful and makes wearing a baby over 10 lbs comfortable and easy.

  6. My fave has to be Sophie, but if I could bottle up Adria and take her home with me – that would be my most favorite for sure. She makes nursing feel natural, even when it seems like the most foreign thing ever. She is a life and sanity saver.

  7. For all the baby gear I buy at HB, my favorite product has actually got to be my nursing bras. They make my life better every single day. And the wonderful fitters at HB made sure I got the right size; that’s hard enough for nonlactating women, but even more challenging when pregnant or nursing!

  8. Congrats to Dani and Megan, who were chosen via!! Thanks everyone for your fun comments!

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