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  1. Congrats on the new website – it’s so pretty! Why am I fan of Happy Bambino? Well for one – I think your retail store is amazing – I could literally spend all day there between the great cloth diapering and nursing products to all the fun toys and clothes and baby carriers. I also love your commitment to making nursing in public a normal and legally protected thing – you guys just rock!

  2. We moved from Madison to Appleton last year, and Happy Bambino is one of our stops every time we’re back home! Thanks for making our little bambino happy!

  3. Awesome! You have great stuff and are close to my house!

  4. I love you guys, I just had my baby and have been excitingly waiting to come in and get my nursing bras! 🙂

  5. I’m a fan because you not only sell great products but you are a great resource with wonderful staff who are so helpful when it comes to answering questions about your products and just babies/parenting in general.

  6. Love the new site! HB is one of my favorite places in Madison. It is a warm, inviting place to be and your classes and helpful staff make being a mommy so much easier. Thanks 🙂

  7. Yay! One reason I love the store is because you carry the best things out there — and thereby save me the work of researching all the products available myself!

  8. The new site looks great! I’ve been a follower for a while and it’s a great improvement on something that was already great.

  9. Happy Bambino has been one of the very best resources for me as a new mom. My daughter and I love going to the groups because we get to meet new friends every week. Not to mention how the store helped with my nursing needs.
    Thanks for everything, and congrats on the new website!! I know from experience that building a new one isn’t easy to do, and yours looks fantastic.

  10. the new site is really easy on the eyes! Love your store and i always check your website to see what’s new and cool in the baby world! We LOVED our Ibert bike seat we bought from you this summer, Olive was a very happy rider!

  11. I love HB because you do all of the research for me. At most stores making a socially conscious purchase requires me to do research before I shop. At HB I get to do just the fun part…shop!

  12. I’m a fan because you’ve been there for me (via cloth diapers, baby carriers, eco-boutique, etc) my entire parenthood. The store opened the month after my oldest was born and I’ve been happily going and getting advice ever since!

  13. You guys are the only place I can get some stuff – nursing bras, glamour mom, cool diaper bags. You also start all the trends!

  14. Congrats on the new site! I am so grateful for HB!!! Your mama/baby group saved me from cabin fever when my first was born, helped me through breastfeeding and diapering issues and introduced me to an amazing group of women who’ve become dear, dear friends. Thank you so much; I can’t imagine what I would’ve done without you.

  15. Happy Bambino is located close to my neighborhood. I discovered them when I was pregnant for my first, and they were fairly new as well. I have taken many classes and attended other events at HB. It is SO great to have a supportive, nurturing influence on the near East side. I cannot count how many great mamas I have met through HB.

  16. I love you guys for providing such a wonderful resource for families AND professionals in the Madison area. You have given me and my business such wonderful networking opportunities and exposure. Also, I come by to network, and I always find something wonderful to bring home to my own bambinos.

  17. I attended a workshop you ladies put on at the Babywearing conference and think both you and your store are fantastic!

  18. Love the new site! My older kids were 6 and 9 when we found out we were expecting. We knew that we wanted to cloth diaper, but didn’t even know where to begin. So… Cloth Diapering 101 is how we found you, and we fell in love with everything else! Even though we have to drive across town to get there, the trip is worth it every time!

  19. We are so lucky to have a store like Happy Bambino. One-stop shopping that supports the kind of parent I want to be! We love it!

  20. Reason #1 why I love Happy Bambino: It’s so dang convenient! I live right upstairs! (This came in especially handy when I was at my wits end when my daughter was first teething — I did a last minute Sophie-finding expedition and Dahlia was gnawing away happily shortly thereafter.)

  21. Happy Bambino is a household name. I love hearing my 4 yr old say “There’s Happy Bambino!” as we drive by in the morning. Your window displays are always fun to check out. TOP 5 REASONS I LOVE HB: (1) HB is in tune with needs of families, but especially babies! With little kiddos unable to really tell moms and dads in so many words what makes them really happy, you help parents anticipate their needs well — carriers, tools for bf success, the softest diapers around, music, toys/books that are a refreshing step away from gender specific play, & even “magic blankets.” (2) you are engaged in issues important in our community including health care, sustainability, legislation, local economy. (3) You are located on the hip eastside (near the Coop, bikepath, Monty’s, & the many more hip businesses rolling along Willy St & Atwood). (4) You help parents feel confident and excited about this stage of their lives when it can frankly feel like jumping off a cliff at times. (5) You are all super nice — like best friend sisters to all expectant and new moms out there 🙂

  22. I love Happy Bambino because you have such wonderful and eco-friendly products, but I have to say the #1 reason is the always-helpful staff. You all have helped me choose cloth diapering supplies, try on baby carriers (even in multiple visits with the baby as she grew!), get ready for pumping again, and so many other things. I love that you truly know and use the things you are selling.

  23. I visited HB three years ago while visiting Madison…and was so impressed with it! The women there were friendly and helpful, and the quality of the items for sale was fantastic. It was everything I ever wanted for my babies all in one welcoming place 🙂

  24. The website looks really great! Easy to find your way through it, great products on it. I am glad it has a registry feature on it, I wished for that when I was pregnant and now I can point pregnant friends to register at Happy Bambino 🙂 I am also a fan of the online wishlist- especially for a store I would like to support!

  25. I’m also a fan because your lactation help really helped me learn to feed my first baby, and gave me the tools to successfully feed my 2nd baby from the get-go!

  26. I’m also a fan because your lactation station help really helped me learn to feed my first baby, and gave me the tools to successfully feed my 2nd baby from the get-go!

  27. Nice new site! Like the green – never was a fan of the peachy tan color, even though that’s the color of my living room. I have always loved HB as a place to find great stuff and ideas for baby AND mom (like chocolates by the register, funny books about motherhood, etc.). The staff are always a great resource, able to answer random questions about babies and provide the right amount of support to boost your confidence going forward into a new day of parenthood.

  28. I’m a fan of the store because you carry all of the very best items and that’s it–I don’t feel overwhelmed when I shop there or pressured to make the “best right choice” because that hard work has already been done! Plus it just feels like such a supportive place for us mamas and our babes–with such a great vibe.

  29. The new website looks great– super easy to find everything! I’m a fan of the HB because you are super eco-friendly and provide all the great parenting supplies that I so love… baby-carriers, cloth diapers, and so forth. Good work ladies, we so appreciate all the effort that you put into the store!

  30. Congrats – great site, great store, great resources – thank you!!

  31. Your website looks great! Very visually appealing. I’m currently 14 weeks pregnant and am so excited to take your classes this Winter. I’ve heard so many great things about your company and what you offer. I haven’t been to your store yet, but I am so anxious to go! This will be my first baby so I will need your expertise! Looking forward to meeting you 🙂

  32. You have so many great products and information! Love supporting cloth diaper stores!!

  33. The new site looks great! I love HB and feel like it is my second home sometimes. It pretty much WAS my second home after my son was born. I was so self-conscious about breastfeeding in public at the very beginning that I made sure to always be close to HB when I was out and about in case I needed to pop in and have a nice “safe” place to feed the little guy. Between that and seeing the lactation consultant, going to mom’s group, and stopping in for supplies and advice, I was there pretty much every day. I really feel like you guys made a big difference in my life by helping me through all of the new-mom anxiety. Now, I’m a happy and confident breastfeeding mom, but still going to HB every week for classes, supplies, and gifts for new babies and mamas. HB rocks!

  34. The new website looks nice and organized. Love the resources provided by HB, especially the classes, music together and mama yoga.

  35. Great blog and I love following your twitter 🙂

  36. I love the look of the new website! I love that Happy Bambino has something for moms at all stages!

  37. Congratulations and wonderful job on the new site. You are doing amazing work, keep it up!

  38. One of my favorite things about HB are the great, friendly and knowledgeable people that work there!

  39. I love the new site! Bambino is my favorite word for baby after boobiesucker. 😛

  40. Great job on the web site! I placed an online order and picked it up at the store yesterday. It is hard to shop with a one year old in the store so this was very helpful.
    We have been attending play groups at Happy Bambino since May of this year. It has been our highlight of our week!

  41. You guys are an awesome resource, and I feel confident in buying anything from your store, because I know you have done the research to make sure it is safe for all the little bambinos out there. I also feel so fortunate to have attended the Cuddlebugs group when I was on maternity leave; I met some wonderful, amazing moms there that I am still in contact with. Thanks! 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  42. I love the new site! Happy Bambino has been my best resource as a first time parent. My family and I have benefited from the well-researched, quality products, lactation support, and the wonderful classes. Thanks for all that you do for families and the community!! Plus, the staff are all so friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful!!

  43. Congrats on the new site, all – looks great! And I think we all love H.B. because it gives us a chance to buy local from great people who know their stuff.

  44. I read about the Bambino long before I was pregnant-there were toddler yoga classes being offered. I loved the idea of the place.

    Finally pregnant and blushing at breastfeeding books, Leah reassured me that “Nursing is normal.”

    Someone gave us that weird bug flashlight we registered for and babe #2 still full-face laughs at it.

    3 year old knows the store as well as her own home. She should, she’s grown up there.

  45. Really like the new website! I look forward to shopping both in the store and online.


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