Posted by: findingthemiddle | August 27, 2009


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  1. is incredible, too. this photo is great.

  2. Great topic. For what its worth, after having three here is what I have found that helps:
    1. no full-length mirrors in the house. Cuts down on the obsessing.
    2. no scale in the house. See #1 clothes that fit my body instead of those designed for pre-child women in their teens or early twenties. #3 has been huge.

    Funny story – one time I was looking at jeans at a hip store staffed mainly by college-age kids. I asked the 18 year old male salesperson to grab me my size in a certain brand, and he tells me, ‘those are sort of mom jeans.’ (meaning they would contain my muffin top and sit only 2 inches below my bellybutton instead of barely above my pubic bone.) I piped back – ‘I’m a mom. Hand them over.’ When I tried them on, he remarked with surprise ‘Hey, those *do* look great on you!’)

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