Posted by: findingthemiddle | August 5, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

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  1. This picture is so beautiful – love those blue, blue eyes!

  2. I wish stupidity was painful – no pain meds in the world would help that ignorant fool.

    I love that picture. So beautiful!

  3. Whats up H? Surely you’ve got something better to do than to stalk and bully a happy Mama?
    You suck… or maybe thats your problem- Didn’t Mommy breastfeed you?

  4. What a lovely photo!

  5. Absolutley beautiful picture. Every breastfeeding mother should do so proudly. They are giving the best start possible for their little one.

    To H. Walker – It’s only a boob. Get over it.

  6. H. Walker, you are a troll. And a douchebag. And yes, I would say that to your face. I breastfeed my son. If you saw us nursing, you can always turn your head… I’m not going to stop because some douchebag doesn’t like that I’m feeding my child.

  7. Lovely picture. Thanks to the mama who shared it! ❤

  8. Aw, what a beautiful, content baby.

  9. How sweet!

  10. How adorable! I look forward to someday having a moment (or several) like this! Love you and tell the family the same!

  11. Now my post has no context, but I still love this photograph. It’s beautiful. So is the mama-baby bond.

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