Posted by: findingthemiddle | May 5, 2009

Things we love…

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  1. I love to give babies foot rubs! Their little feet are so precious and I find it works wonders for them. I got hooked when my younger son was colicky and NOTHING I did helped except putting him in his vibrating bouncy seat. It broke my heart to hear him cry and not be holding him or touching him, so I started rubbing his feet. It usually settled him right down and after a week or tow he didn’t even need to be in the seat anymore when I did it for it to work. 🙂

  2. I am absolutely hooked on the Miracle Blanket! I actually had to slowly “wean” my daughter off it around 8 months old! She slept so well with it! I give it to all my new mom friends as gifts. I would definitely love a new one for my next bambino!

  3. I love these and swear by them! Until my son was wrapped up tight in one, he would not sleep through the night. Once we wrapped him up…it was truly a “miracle”! Whew…sleep.

  4. I love swaddling for comforting, but my biggest soother was bouncing on my birthing ball. I swaddle my baby tightly or put him in a stretchy wrap, the most snug carrier there is, and bounce on my birthing ball. Instant calm. 🙂 My baby sleeps this way during the day. Some day I guess he’ll be able to nap without me holding him, but for now, this is what keeps my little high-needs love happy and growing.

  5. I didn’t use a miracle blanket with my daughter, but I had a friend who used one with her son and it was a lot nicer than trying to find a regular blanket that was stretchy enough to swaddle well, and then keeping the swaddle tight. I am going to try and use one with this next baby!

  6. When my son was an infant, I made up my own miracle blanket. I wrapped the blanket around him, and then used a sash to secure it, kind of like how the Native Americans wrap their little ones…Next time around, I’ll try this!!

  7. I loved the miracle blanket! We tried everything else and nothing helped my baby sleep until I got the miracle blanket when she was 2 months old (at HB, actually). Wrap her up, shoosh and sway, and she was asleep! She used it until she was 6 months old. In the end, we had to tuck the foot part under her and just wrap her arms because she had outgrown it. I had been advised to cut the bottom off, but just couldn’t do it. We’ll definitely use it from the very beginning next time.

  8. I tried one once and never fully understood it. Maybe if someone showed me what to do with it I would use it. My first loved to be swaddled, so this could come in handy with #2 on the way.

  9. I’ve never used a swaddle blanket. My girls, 6 and 9, always loved when I would put them over my legs, tummy down, and rubbed their backs. The pressure of my legs on their tummies, combined with the massage helped relieve their gas issues.

  10. Miracle Blanket. Awesome. gonna give one to every friend who ever has a babe from now on. other baby soother: boob. or boobs. 🙂

  11. Swaddling is definitely a soothing wonder for babes. My daughter was too big for regular receiving blankets. I couldn’t get her wrapped tight enough and she always stretched and freed herself… so i ended up buying flannel fabric to make a blanket large enough to swaddle her! But now with baby #2 due any moment, i’ll have to try out the miracle blanket.

  12. This sounds great. I am due in 28 days and will remember this especially if my Chase has colic or is fussy. I love that you submit product information that you’ve actually used and love. We need more sites and stores like yours!!

  13. Okie dokie smokies – Carolynn deemed the lucky number is seven today – so Molly, you’re the winner! Stop by and the staff will know to letcha “buy” it with a $0 pricetag.

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