Posted by: findingthemiddle | April 27, 2009

Holy moly is Twitter like falling down the Rabbit hole.  So much to see and pay attention to and learn.

But it hasn’t just been Twitter that’s been responsible for my (our) relative silence this past week; rather my old Dell decided it was done with me.  A four year old mediocre laptop is just not equipped to deal with a girl who downloads a few new albums a week and decided to take up photography as a obsession/career path.  And so, despite the fact that my finances would require me to wait a few months before getting a new computer, push came to shove this week and I am typing this to you on a brand-spankin new (to me!) MacBook.

For a non-consumeristic-minded girl (yes, the irony doesn’t escape me that I co-own a store), technology is sometimes delicious – my top five most prized possessions (my kid doesn’t count) include a at least three (camera, iPhone, laptop) technological items.   Yay for new goods!!  And yay for returning to a normally functioning online world – I’ve missed it!


PS – Just for fun, cause it’s Monday and it made me spew chai, try saying “Irish  Wristwatch” without sounding like Elmer Fudd.



  1. HA!

  2. oh, PS – the spewing chai was a result of the Elmer Fudd accent I heard, not cause it was Monday. then again, Monday’s are sometimes worthy of spewing…

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