Posted by: findingthemiddle | April 23, 2009

Childbirth – Mama-Superheroes Abound

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  1. I remember VERY clearly your birthing tale even to this day. At the time I was pregnant myself, and only found courage and excitement for my upcoming delivery, rather than fear because of what you told me. Thanks so much for sharing your story then, and again now.

  2. Laura,
    In similar, but different ways, I feel that my birth story (which as you know was far from the perfect, idealized birth) is not celebrated, legitimized, or welcome among many moms.
    I didn’t have the perfect labor, I didn’t have a perfect, vaginal delivery. To some women who seem short-sighted to me, the fact that things didn’t go as planned and I had the dreaded ‘i’ word (interventions) and then the ‘c’ word (cesarean), my birth story is not as welcome. This saddens me.
    Certainly we should be striving for outcomes that reflect the way birth should be. Certainly there are cases where cesareans are unnecessary. Within the context of a mother’s moment of heroism (birth/labor/delivery), the policy arguments need to take the back burner to celebrating birth, in any form it may take.

    Thanks again for your blog, it’s wonderful to read.

  3. Re: Sara’s comment


  4. Laura…you are opening a wonderful venue for mothers to share their acts of heroism in mothering, labor and birth. I applaud you. Your writing is inspiring and encouraging.

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