Posted by: happybambino | January 7, 2009

Eco Boutique ILLEGAL next month?

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  1. I feel that parents should be able to purchase hand made items from places if they feel it is safe. there are too many things that are approved by dif gov. organizations that are not safe and are ofetn recalled. if we can support local crafts people in their goal to provide a living for themselves and good products for others I don’t understand why the gov. would want to shut it down.
    what happened to the american way of making your own living and providing a good safe product for others. people have been doing it for years without gov. interferance… but now… we are cutting off our own fingers for the sake of ‘being safe’. I’m more concerned about the imports that are constantly coming in from china and other countries that our gov. programs are letting in w not much of a problem…

  2. And as for our local people that are providing wonderful products and other services such as recycled clothing… good for you… keep up the good work!

  3. Ladies, you rock for getting this information out and making it easy for us readers to be proactive. Contact with Congress matters so much! I have been involved in numerous campaigns whose success was based on the number of people who directly contacted their local reps. LET’S GET THIS LAW MODIFIED! It’s up to us.

  4. Seems like they clarified the law to exempt used clothing and toys. check it out…

  5. Looking at the web link above, I don’t see anything which looks like a ban on selling second hand clothes. Only on selling second hand clothes that exceed the lead limit. I don’t know a lot about lead and clothing, but it certainly seems like a good idea to keep lead out of kids clothes. Especially little ones who will be chewing on it.

    Is there something I am missing here?

  6. The law as it was originally written doesn’t specifically ban selling second-hand clothing, but does require ALL products aimed at children 12 and under to be tested for lead and phthalates starting Feb. 10. Since the law did not exempt second-hand items, it effectively made them illegal to sell as it couldn’t possibly be cost effective or practical to test individual resale items for lead and phthalate content.

  7. As someone who is environmentally-conscious and a first-time pregnant mom on a budget … I find the threat of losing the option to purchase second-hand goods as well as locally-produced ones to be quite alarming. Anything else we can do to spread the word and increase contact to senators/representatives?

    Looking at another thrift/consignment shop’s website, it appears they’re ok’d to continue to sell used items, as long as comply with CSPC’s standards. ( This apply to HB as well, or still shut out local producers?

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