Posted by: happybambino | December 9, 2008

What’s In Your Toy Chest?

It seems like less than a year ago, I was frantically searching through the toy bin with fear in my heart. The phrase “acute lead poisoning” raced through my mind as I prayed the serial number wouldn’t be the same as the many listed on the recall website.

Thankfully, the numbers didn’t match. But I couldn’t bring myself to keep that particular toy in the house. My son was puzzled when he could no longer locate this particular toy and I …well…I kept my mouth shut.

Since that experience, I’ve tried to educate myself on “safe” toys. It’s hard to know what is or isn’t “safe” – especially when you don’t have an advanced chemistry degree. Help is here in, a great little website with a ton of heart! Cruise the website and learn more about what constitutes a “safe” toy. Popular features include a search for toys by brand and type and – my favorite – a section called “Test My Toy” where you can nominate your child’s favorite toy for testing! You can even text message Healthy Toys – while shopping – to check a toys rating.

Take a few minutes to put your child’s Christmas Wish List to the test. You may be surprised at the results.

To read more about current toy recalls, visit the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Jennifer Braun
Communications Director


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