Posted by: happybambino | October 14, 2008

Vaccine safety: the debate goes on…

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  1. Heilege schmit! FIFTY FIVE?? Are they freakin NUTS?

    When I had my first daughter in 1995, the mantra was “11 shots by age 2” Now, it’s 23.
    No, no, no.

    We do the big ones- MMR, and DtaP- but pertussis is all over our county (Rock) but the little piddly ones- Varicella, VitaminK, etc- they all go out with the circumcision.

    What ticks ME off the the max is the sheet we got from our school- which gave the Great List of Dead Viruses your child “Must have by WI law” Nowhere on the sheet did they say you had the legal option to opt out. I feel for all the kids/parents who loaded up on the vaccines because they thought thy needed to to attend a public school.

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